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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. My great grandfather served in the Gloucestershire Regiment during the first world war. The regiment reached the height of its fame during the Korean war, where at the Battle of Imjin River (Also known as the battle for Gloster hill) where 550 men of the regiment were surrounded by nearly 30,000 Chinese soldiers. They held out for two and a half days with no hope of rescue before they were eventually either killed or captured. Casualty numbers were: Glosters- 60 killed, 520 captured Chinese- 10,000 wounded or killed From then until it was merged into the Royal Wiltshires in 1994, then The Rifles in 2007, they were known as "The Glorious Glosters". Two members of the regiment won Victoria Crosses for their actions during the battle.
  3. Glad I don't have epilepsy... 3/10
  4. Aye. Last time I got drunk in any capacity was about a year ago. These days I'm having a pint or two a night and that's it. It's too expensive, and causes too much regret in the morning. And I never drink on a work night, at all.
  5. 1. Toaru Kagaku No Railgun 2. Kobayashi-san No Dragon Maid 3. Girls und Panzer 4. Centaur No Nayami 5. Hellsing: Ultimate 6. *cough* Yuru Yuri *cough* 7. One Punch Man 8. Flying Witch 9. Comic Girls 10. Violet Evergarden
  6. Not sure which is worse, so I shall let you decide; (17) Drinking at a mates house, threw up in a flower bed and passed out in a chair. (16) Drinking (far too much) at a mates house, threw up in the bathroom (all over the floor) then fell over in it. (17) Drinking (for three days straight) woke up and literally couldn't move for half an hour. First and only time I've experienced sleep paralysis. (17) Drinking 8% cider, Jaegermiester and Black Absinthe (160 Proof) while camping. Threw up in my tent. (18) Was up the pub and got accused of being a nazi. The accuser was far too drunk to think straight and decided to leave me alone after I told him I supported UKIP. Fuck knows what was happening there. (19) Went out drinking, ended up drinking Carlsberg special brew at 1 AM in a graveyard. (18) Opened a bottle of 7.5% Cider, forgot about it for a month, found it and drank it. I was sick as hell for days. Stuff was well gone off. (18) had to drag one of my mates out of a pub by his collar and carry him to the kerb after he threw up in a pint glass. More to save him from the wrath of the landlord than anything else. Then got accused of bringing my own drinks into the pub (for no reason at all) and got barred. (16) Fell down a hill while drinking at a campsite. Woke up the next morning at the foot of the hill. Very glad it was summer/didn't rain. Everyone assumed I had gone to my tent and didn't look for me. (17) Got into a fight at a house party after I caught someone stealing. (17) Got back from the pub and realised I didn't have my keys. Slept on the porch. (18) Cooked bacon. Except it wasn't cooked at all, really. More burned on the outside and raw on the inside. Interesting morning after. There was this one time that the police turned up in a "party bus" (Big transit van with a riot shield over the windscreen full of police) and an ambulance, but that wasn't my fault really. I was pretty slaughtered though. A series of unfortunate events, that. I'm sure there's more. I just don't remember them. Good times were had by all (except the guy who had to go in the ambulance). Drink responsibly or have a load of shit but funny memories of; Throwing up your friends throwing up getting into fights The police getting involved Getting barred from pubs Falling over Sleeping outside Eating really bad kebabs and thinking they're the best thing in the world Won't go into what I've done at metal concerts. Just too bad.
  7. Merry Birthiversary! 

  8. Consider the environmental impacts of pouring 3,500 litres of paint onto the floor. Not only the initial chemicals from the paint, but all of the soaps and solvents needed to clean it off. Environmental extremists can't see the forest for the trees sometimes. Seems a bit like that castle in France that had big yellow rings painted all over it. Pointlessly vandalising a historic monument when there are many better ways to get a point across.
  9. Scottish law generally tends to be different to the rest of the UK (that's what happens when you have devolution and the SNP have been pushing through mad laws for the past 8 years). They're prosecuting him under the Offensive behaviour at football matches and threatening communications act 2012 (Scotland only), alongside the Malicious Communications Act 1988 (British one, the term "grossly offensive" used at his trial can be found in the legislation). This is the same law which people who send death threats are prosecuted under. "In 2012 an individual was arrested under the Act for saying that Olympic diver Tom Daley let his late father down by not winning a medal at the London Olympics." Fuck me, my country is being ruined. "The MCA was successfully used against Internet troll Sean Duffy who harassed Natasha MacBryde and her family after her death. In the case of DPP v Connolly, the MCA was used to prosecute an anti-abortion campaigner who sent obscene images of fetuses to pharmacists who sold the contraceptive pill. " This is what this is being compared to. A chap proving his girlfriend's dog isn't as cute as she thought by making it react to stuff involved with Nazism, clearly as a joke, is being compared to an anti-abortionist mailing people pictures of aborted fetuses. Are they going to arrest the creators of Spitting Image for portraying Adolf Hitler as Margaret Thatcher's neighbor and telling her to "elimate the weeds in the party", "build up that SS", "invade the union", or references to genocide? But Dankula can't post a funny video on the internet. God forbid.
  10. What an... Interesting song. Too bad I don't speak Spanish. I think it's Spanish? 3/10
  11. Christmas profile picture?- Check! Large quantities of alcohol?- Check! Quality roast dinner?- Definitely! Well ready for it