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  1. The Chicken came first. From a creationist view. Here's another question. How did the hen find the rooster?
  2. Hi there, and happy birthday! :D Hope you have a good time~ ^~^ https://derpicdn.net/img/2014/8/11/697208/large.jpeg

  3. KeithDJohnson

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    288497 I might as well contribute to the number counting. Great spell check is not working.
  4. KeithDJohnson

    Movies/TV Veggie tales

    Oh gosh I still have tons of vhs video tapes of them. My least favorite was Madam Blueberry. My favorite was Larry Boy. I'm a cucumber not a pickle. Waterbuffalo. All the silly songs in the middle of each episode were always fun.
  5. I feel this way for all big hit movie sequels. I can't think of one that isn't better than the first. To name another be Bourne identity. Melee's Falco in Super Smash Bros looks and sounds cooler/better than the next two smash series.
  6. KeithDJohnson

    Gaming Super Smash Bros. Thread

    Never taunt spam Isai after 4 falls then achieve only one ko. Result: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yLcGnN9Zb8
  7. Gosh you should have seen the amount of dirt underneath my bedroom carpet when my family finally decided to go with laminate wood floors. Must have been when I was a kid, everyday it seem like a little bit of dirt to dump from my shoes. So yeah I think wood is better. Also, office chairs glide better.
  8. I smash them up and make homemade ice cream with them Oreos. Cream's favourite cookie not milk. I prefer nutterbutter or mothers oatmeal cookies with milk. I like to try peanut butter and Oreos one of these days.
  9. One of my favourite episodes so far especially since I like birds so much. Love the coughing noises, bird falling on its head, then it turns into such a cool bird. No wonder it's Celestia's pet. Also Fluttershy is my top fav pony, so that only adds to my liking.
  10. Falco........Falco.........Falco. Well I thought I say this avatar isn't my art work. But I like to draw something similar maybe.

    1. Omar


      Do you use the green color?

    2. KeithDJohnson


      Yeah I'm using more green colors. Even my other characters I play usually green. I use to pick cream all the time. Never red. Purple Sheik is cool. Green hat Pikachu or plain. Green Doctor Mario. Then green Kirby. What colors do you pick in Project M?

    3. Omar


      With fox I normally go black, with lucario I go red, with captain falcon I use a purple color that makes him more like the way he looks like in smash 64, and the other characters I don't care what color I use.

  11. KeithDJohnson

    General What shoes do you wear?

    Size 14 Emerica Reynolds 3. I had to order them from their official website. It's really difficult finding size 14 in a store especially a skate shoe. Shirts too I got to buy online since they're too short and size XL is too wide unless it's made by ZooYork.
  12. I can't see any videos on posts. Anyone else have the same problem?

    1. Omar


      Nope, never had that problem.

  13. Avatar upgraded! Took forever learning how the path tool works in Gimp.

    1. Omar


      Definitely looks better.

    2. KeithDJohnson


      Yeah thanks. I think the picture suppose to look more pink, so I might make another change. Did you find another avatar yet? Lucario was cool.

    3. Omar


      I've decided to keep this one a little bit longer (Unless I find a better one). That Lucario one was pretty cool.

  14. Okay so the goal of this thread is to share and discover good albums. That is albums where the majority of the songs are just as good as the top hit. For me, there is always that next album I'm wanting. What about you? Rules: Method of purchase? Be it by compact disc, vinyl, mp3, etc. Not free. Must be an entire album that you plan to buy next. Artist? Album? Genre? Favourite song? Post a link to Youtube, Amazon, or the like, so we can listen to it, if any. Optional – Tell a short story about this album or artist. This could be about anything. This is your chance to mention other albums y
  15. KeithDJohnson

    Dude Or Bro?

    I say bro especially when I'm on this website. I never liked dude. Bad experience with my neighbour when I was young. Even the history of dude, I don't like much. Pic below shows - King of the Dudes. See Wikipedia.
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