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  1. KeithDJohnson

    Which came first the chicken or the egg?

    The Chicken came first. From a creationist view. Here's another question. How did the hen find the rooster?
  2. KeithDJohnson

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    288497 I might as well contribute to the number counting. Great spell check is not working.
  3. KeithDJohnson

    Movies/TV Veggie tales

    Oh gosh I still have tons of vhs video tapes of them. My least favorite was Madam Blueberry. My favorite was Larry Boy. I'm a cucumber not a pickle. Waterbuffalo. All the silly songs in the middle of each episode were always fun.
  4. I feel this way for all big hit movie sequels. I can't think of one that isn't better than the first. To name another be Bourne identity. Melee's Falco in Super Smash Bros looks and sounds cooler/better than the next two smash series.
  5. KeithDJohnson

    Gaming Super Smash Bros. Thread

    Never taunt spam Isai after 4 falls then achieve only one ko. Result:
  6. KeithDJohnson

    Wood Floors Or Carpet?

    Gosh you should have seen the amount of dirt underneath my bedroom carpet when my family finally decided to go with laminate wood floors. Must have been when I was a kid, everyday it seem like a little bit of dirt to dump from my shoes. So yeah I think wood is better. Also, office chairs glide better.
  7. KeithDJohnson

    How do you eat your Oreos?

    I smash them up and make homemade ice cream with them Oreos. Cream's favourite cookie not milk. I prefer nutterbutter or mothers oatmeal cookies with milk. I like to try peanut butter and Oreos one of these days.
  8. KeithDJohnson

    S01:E22 - A Bird in the Hoof

    One of my favourite episodes so far especially since I like birds so much. Love the coughing noises, bird falling on its head, then it turns into such a cool bird. No wonder it's Celestia's pet. Also Fluttershy is my top fav pony, so that only adds to my liking.
  9. KeithDJohnson

    General What shoes do you wear?

    Size 14 Emerica Reynolds 3. I had to order them from their official website. It's really difficult finding size 14 in a store especially a skate shoe. Shirts too I got to buy online since they're too short and size XL is too wide unless it's made by ZooYork.
  10. Okay so the goal of this thread is to share and discover good albums. That is albums where the majority of the songs are just as good as the top hit. For me, there is always that next album I'm wanting. What about you? Rules: Method of purchase? Be it by compact disc, vinyl, mp3, etc. Not free. Must be an entire album that you plan to buy next. Artist? Album? Genre? Favourite song? Post a link to Youtube, Amazon, or the like, so we can listen to it, if any. Optional – Tell a short story about this album or artist. This could be about anything. This is your chance to mention other albums you bought from the same artist. Lets say you already own every album you ever wanted from a particular band. I don't see why not, so go ahead and share. Supertones, Supertones Strike Back, #8 Unite. Christian Rock, Rap/Hip-Hop, Jazz, trumpets. I always prefer compact-disc. Supertones is the artist that best describes my childhood. My Dad played the Supertones all the time super loud and super clear on his sweet JBL speaker setup. This is the Artist that I remember best from my childhood. It's about time I buy a new disc from them since we only had one Supertones album. Can any pony name this other Supertones album? Hint given in this paragraph. Fun, a riddle.
  11. KeithDJohnson

    Dude Or Bro?

    I say bro especially when I'm on this website. I never liked dude. Bad experience with my neighbour when I was young. Even the history of dude, I don't like much. Pic below shows - King of the Dudes. See Wikipedia.
  12. KeithDJohnson

    Technology How many screens do you use for your PC/Laptop?

    I have two screens, but my graphics card can only handle one. I guess I could get an input/output switcher box. I like having two different screen ratios. One being 4:3 for reading content, typing, and sometimes I'll flip it to portrait mode. The other screen is a 16:9 for all my movie needs. Most of the time I got the 4:3 running. Just that the text looks bigger and there is less horizontal distance to track. I don't have to zoom in all the time. Here's a good thread on the subject. I like to get a crt monitor too for my retro gaming needs and low pixel count viewing.
  13. KeithDJohnson

    How much/often do you exercise?

    I'm trying to get into a routine once every 3 days. I'll go jog around this desert hill near my place, and my dog Mindy likes to tag along and chase rabbits. It's a good run about 1 mile. Lots of steep hills I can run up for an extra boost in my workout. And then in my garage about 25% is filled with workout equipment. So I lift weights, punch the speed bag, jump rope, and once finished I try to make myself a decent meal. I have a tough time waking up early to do all this activity since I like to stay up late. Reason for that is my parents like to stay up watching tv. Another is my parents like to buy sweets and salty treats. It's hard to resist especially during Basketball playoffs.
  14. KeithDJohnson

    Favorite Exotic Animal?

    Monitor lizards. I like this one's color.
  15. KeithDJohnson

    Have You Ever Had Surgery?

    There's no consent for the undergoer of this unnecessary operation. I don't see any benefit to it, only disadvantages. This is a very debatable topic and I have quite a biased opinion. I know I'm not the only one here who had this done to them at such an early age. It defies multiple laws we all see punishable. Like Pinkie Pie defying gravity.