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  1. BOTH parts of Beginning of the End are a TOTAL MESS xD

  2. Do I want to watch s9?

    1. Xeltor


      That's also what I've been asking 

  3. "Women are all drama and talk, thats why I only hang out with guys" Well guess what you just came to the wrong place to get away from that because PEOPLE are all drama and talk. You dont see the alternative, but you SHOULD. Talking to a woman that is a friend, is much different than talking to a woman you like. I spent a great amount of my earlier years, and off and on, hanging out inside groups of women. Its just the social "expectations", because I think the roles are completely reversing, Men gossip about as much if not more than women, and whats even more pathetic is they like, have this "bro reassurance thing". A very small percentage of men actually meet the above average standard they have put themselves at in their mind, the biggest difference between men and women, is that it is much easier for men to lie to themselves and be content with it, some men see other men as fragile property, they have watered their ego to grow so large, that they live behind a shell of absolute fear, scared to ever be revealed the slightest bit sensitive or soft. they project and I wont call it "toxic masculinity" because I dont actually believe in that either, but its more like, giving yourself an "I think Im totally awesome and my s*** doesn't stink trophy, every day, when you have done nothing to credit your undeserved sense of accomplishment and invalid sense of superiority, you are another average joe, but with a fancier ego. That is men, now women criticize a lot, but I think they are also a lot harder on themselves, and may be a little more "self aware".
  4. With much different character identities, PLEASE. I dont want Teen Titans Go, to have ANYTHING to do with DC Super Hero Girls, the humor bar is set at the right level, (an existing secondary)
  5. Thats half the point of whats being said xD, there was no mix up, only on their part when they woke up continuing the lie.
  6. It was childish of me to make generalizations, but its even more childish of you to live with that much pride and truly believe yourself to be at some elevated level of maturity.

  7. I dont have any problem with you what so ever, I dont think that you are wrong at all, its impossible for you to be wrong about your opinion. It was fair and it gave sentiment to the positive and uplifting.. and is probably true for some men out there that just take life by the horns, or are in the position to do so... Maybe the demographic I stereotyped falls under a different self proclaimed label,(one that shouldn't exist). However I am not wrong either for having a distaste for people that need to one up other people, lets not pay attention to what people call themselves or what other call them I guess.... Some people are just a lot more abrasive about it, and sometimes maybe even confrontational, however other times, it is simply a matter of pride, and self merit, that one does not want to relinquish, you dont win an award for civility, for being on the passive side of a war. Its just inherent, to "not want to be wrong" but first you perceive that as a possibility, it gives you more incentive to reaffirm your "points" It slowly devolves into what you proclaim an "argument" simply because people have two different opinions, Its just we wouldn't have this fuel to pizza vs burgers is what I am saying. It created sensitive social matter I guess. I wasnt using "social constructs" as an "argument" rather the reveal of a gross modern lie... the lie of alphas and betas
  8. You initially stated that you "did not like the >argument<" and then proceeded to verbally batter me as if I was inherently "wrong" about ANYTHING in a purely opinion based discussion, and I am sorry but figure of speech is just that, and I was saying, I never once referred to this as a debate or argument, but you wanted me to FEEL WRONG, because you did not agree with my "attack like sentiments" which are really just revealing stereotypes, any of which I am sure nobody on the internet is to sensitive to. Insulting someone is an actual attack, the only ones actually insulted by my sarcasm/terminology would by pseudo alphas. NOW Looking at a post where you just comparatively stated a point A and B while telling me you arent trying to win an argument has me feeling like I am in some remix of the twilight zone.
  9. Think the same thing is happening with the other guy, you may be reading me in a tone, I am not using, xD i have the problem a lot because I come right out and make point blank statements lol
  10. I'm not putting labels, on anyone, that is why I said "Self proclaimed" in the title. I'll never tell anyone what they are, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know what we "arent". I guess I should have used MUCH GREATER specification, in my initial post. I don't like condescending men, or men that believe themselves to be inherently superior to another man, despite their differences. I just think supporting the "alpha to beta" titles, and I couldn't agree with you more, is a form of suppression, and inequality, and a way that common minded men can extract men no different then them, and portray them as weaker, when really they may be more capable, in many areas, but because of their social portrayal, and not fitting into the modern day masculine facade. They are projected and then labeled, I am a guy, I dont look at other men and go "ooo look at him what an Alpha wow!" or alternatively "what a weak little beta" The terms are cringy themselves, I am actually looking at women xD
  11. This post was basically a question, not a debate, what is worse, if neither are worse, and you want to direct a criticism at me, that is fine also, it was posted as a general discussion, anyways, but NEVER as a debate, if we want to hop over to the debate section we can then have an existential debate on man, and his place in the world, and what the appropriate psychology for an adult man truly is, and whether or not this should limit or lengthen his activities and what those activities are or should be at that. I was just recently saying this is a post about self proclaimed alpha males,(men looking for self confidence,) and men like being right, it didn't take long before someone thought they should assert their opinions disagreeing with mine, and also telling me my attitude was disapproved of, because they were subliminally afflicted by the essence of the topic matter.
  12. I dont like "Alphas" to "Betas" to begin with. It's just about what man is more stubborn, and how does he cope with forging his identity, while suppressing it at the same time. I have just seen it all to often, being big, and loud, and mean and confident, doesn't put you at a "higher social rank" of the "food chain".(ill use other constructs and see if I upset other men trying to find an argument to win.) you do see the subtleties of how a post comparing such individuals is devolving into an argument? It isnt a coincidence. It's how we choose to read each others tones, and it is this comparative mentality that some men have, "well as long as there is someone worse than me". You don't want to be the "better person" you want him to be "worse than you". In your head think about whether or not that is "alpha"(gags) If it weren't true you wouldn't need to WIN the "argument"(whos arguing?), or condescend to others your perspective, or try to make a monkey out of anyone, you would reassure them, because you are comfortable with yourself.
  13. I just think both are social constructs. I think a lot of men "aspire" to be "Alpha male", its in their head that a woman wont want you unless you are, projecting a masculine (Ego) or persona better put. I think being self sustainable makes you an adult, our modern lenses of maturity, become less skewed as we grow older. I butt heads with people like that sometimes because I have a problem dealing with double standards, and hypocrisy and i get confrontational because I am only human as well. I dont like when people commit themselves to other peoples personality, I think THAT aside whether is "dudebro" or not, is "beta" behavior. I am not going to jump off a bridge, or follow anyone through fire. I just dont think it makes you a b*** for not being a drone. Staying active, staying working, and making intelligent decisions... I just think its everywhere.but these people dont realize there are fully trained combat vets, that put 10 hours of their day into ITS, weapons training, then specialized work outs and what not, at least an hour of combat training every day... then there are "well im confident, and I look down on you, so does that mean I am an alpha" just think there is very little difference between little average joe and big average joe, their difference is with TRUE alphas lol Saying you're "not impressed with my attitude"(meaning you are reading my opinions with either an angsty or sarcastic or indirect tone) I guess is my "social gimp" and you kind of being here to criticize me, which I fully respect, if I am going to open up criticizing other people. I didnt say I MYSELF WAS different, I said, I dont TRY TO BE the Same.... NOTHING wrong at ALL with going to the gym, it's about thinking other people don't have a place in it based on who you perceive them to be, and often times, who people perceive others to be is based off the delusion of who they believe themselves to be.
  14. Exactly. I generally, don't come off as abrasive as I did in some parts of my passage. Its just for me I watch American Football, I also am into things like Equestria Girls. I like to be active, but I like playing games, and watching cartoons also. Its just about finding people that can "vibe" thus my obsession with shows that have the contrasting personalities. You see how they arent even alike in the least, but its what creates this sense of diversity, and trust, and its like counter psychology to the normality of. "Wanna get s***faced, lets go to t bell, hop on apex, this dude is a total beta scrub, do you even lift(because i do sometimes), yeah bro, i agree with you bro because we're bro's and this confirmation is what makes us bros." People talk about independence in a hive mind all to often.
  15. Which is worse? , the internet has become a nest for everyone to share now, people that have active and inactive lives share the only viable criticisms they can create. I personally think the world would existentially evolve without tagging mentalities to social concepts. Extremely active and athletic, in some cases you could argue gifted individuals to their own regards, arent all on this kick where they believe any one person should be under major scrutiny for not adhering to all gender stereotypes or trying the "all american fade" that so many "men" put off on their own, being healthy is important, but being selectively confrontational, and reassuring yourself have become the new "Alpha". Its just a reachable delusion for anyone? Did the word for bully in the dictionary change? "Lol, I watch Joe Rogan and inhale Jack Links, without capitalism the betas will take my gainz, I watch MMA sometimes, I know who connor mcgregor is, do you even have a fantasy football team, BRAZZERS and SpikeTV and dollar beer night!" You have an image, now this guy is still "tolerable", up until the minute he starts questioning or examining the masculinity of other men out of his own insecurity.(since 2.5/4 of these men are just sarcastic beer gutted toads, keeping taco bell in business while reminding us of the risks of drunk driving) I shamelessly confront scenarios with these types of individuals, (or try) based on the merit of the world not adhering to a standard set by verbal manipulation and abuse, to make sure they can still see correctly, and to make sure if they are able to discern just how individualistic the world is and that you can't make social stereotypes with accuracy just like you can't make spiritual or racial ones, well I suppose you could and be surprised all the same. Intimidation sets in because often in these "packs" there is always only one real threatening member surrounded by his yes men, and they are able to give each other group assurance, and publicly intimidate others into believing the dangerous facade that comes with numbers. You could say "whats your damage?" Really, its just the way people think that scrutinizing individuals, bullying, self projecting, harassing, criticizing others without leaving yourself open to intellectual criticisms makes you a man, but really we just got minions thinking they howl at the moon or something xD Its a hard day for these far below average men, that can not become stimulated by physical activity, that do not have enough character identity to have a conversation outside of their direct wants and needs, that blend in by using all of the social toxins given to them by their yes bubble, and their inferiority complex. Its just time to put these demographics of men on blast, I dont care if their "friend" can beat me up. lol
  16. anyone streaming the EG special tomorrow?

  17. Found it, thank you! Its a Batgirl episode on top of that
  18. Many internet bronies friends have come but they have also all gone. Things change in peoples lives, we dont make an effort to keep in touch. I have a friend I even went to Bronycon with from a different state, and we dont even talk every now and then anymore, didnt keep each others phone numbers, long off social media. The best I can do, Is extend an arm to some of the people whose names I remember in the future, but some have already declined friend requests, deleted accounts, removed skype accounts... When I first joined the fandom it was popping off in 2013, people were eager to get in large skype groups just to make predictions and have general discussions... over time I met people from places as bad as BPU, to places like Friendship is Fanbase... this is my second forum account, i myself have started over, taken fandom leaves, its just something that comes with being an MLP fan. I think its a well commercialized idea, but in reality, there is nothing special about MLP friendships like some bronies naively believe, that takes two people that commit to a friendship, and from what I have seen liking MLP FIM doesnt make you more qualified for friendship lol
  19. This is true, I want to help get the news out there about it, so it can get a pulse before joining the CN graveyard. Its just like not a show you would expect to see on CN, they are killing it by pushing it till 4pm on Sunday, I mean yeah everyone is free to watch then I'm sure, but this is a show that you can push on people now rather than slamming people with Gumball and Teen Titans No reruns, It may be getting an episode or two through out the week on weekdays replaying, but Sweet Justice has 4 parts. show all 4 parts on a Fri or Sat night leading up to new shows before (AS) and again leading up to the new episode on Sunday afternoon.
  20. I guess that big change is "anti brony fodder". when referencing Luna... xD, and also I love Starlight, I wouldnt compare the two here... Luna wasnt a diplomat, and didnt have gifted organizational skills. I mean I get it, "boo hoo hoo, your friend is smarter than you, you gonna cry Starlight". Its not that, Its a "kids show", of course they have to have some hollowed out reason that makes sense to the younger audience that doesn't completely address the political/social undertones. She didnt stop there, she returned, basically came to help make dream team, because her insight has proven useful again and again. Every time a hipster brony cringes at Starlight Glimmer god grants the universe one just miracle in return.
  21. omg, i like half felt that way out of dc super hero girls being little known and commercialized at like a 1/10 ratio to victor and valentino. This show, is really good, all i can say was the introduction plot was the weakest part of the show, but introducing the characters over shadowed everything else, their contrast is perfect, the voice acting, the characters selected, the animation. I haven't been this sold since well, when i became a brony.
  22. Shes ALWAYS been my LEAST favorite princess aside from liking the Nightmare Night mix, shes the edgy but "vanilla bad guy". S1 stand up! She was bad, she was punished for being bad, she looked for vengeance in the name of her disruptive beliefs, she lost. To me forgiving her may be, "brony bread and butter", but mlps fandom ironically is not much different from Equestria when it comes to a need to "uphold harmony," ive been satisfied with what they have fed me for the most part, if a couple cynical neck beards are upset because the shows formula wont change because they are bored with reformation plot devices, and revisiting character faults, while giving things the mlp polish, they should find a different show to watch, then maybe they wont complain about the material they wanted to see
  23. Wonder Woman? think shes obviously the closest to Twi just out of leadership capability, and she is also socially awkward. I mean Zatanna is obviously more like Rarity, but when you see her design you get the vibe that you get from our girl Twi. xD Batgirl is flawless, I mean just as a character, I think the voice acting for all of them is spot on, but that chart(found did not make) is spot on as well.
  24. If you are fond of anything DC and or if you are fond of MLP/EQG, You need to watch this. I had no prior knowledge that Faust produced it or M.A Larson helped her write it. It was a coincidence because I am a Cartoon Network junkie, but Tara Strong voices Batgirl, and the whole vibe, the character selection, the animation, music, interaction, design. I can just see this being the new best show on CN. Well speaking in terms of identity, and creativity. I am used to having hours of Teen Titans Go crammed down my throat if I am watching CN and nothing else is on. I am not going to lie, I mean I love Rainbow Rocks, but I feel like DC Super Hero Girls has the potential to be a lot better than EQG.