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Everything posted by InfernalEnergy

  1. I'm going to bed, goodnight everypony! :fluttershy:

    1. King of Canterlot

      King of Canterlot

      Have a goodnight! :yay:

    2. AppleButt


      Goodnight :kindness:

  2. Yesterday a hurricane came through my area! It was really windy and rainy, and unfortunately numerous trees got knocked down in a city near me and it knocked out the power in my house for several hours yesterday. Thankfully it came back on after those several hours had passed. Today I went outside and picked up some sticks in my yard that fell because of the hurricane.

    1. TomDaBombMLP


      At least you made it! :twi:

    2. Flying Pencil

      Flying Pencil

      Your not the only one, I think it hit New Jersey and this morning we got a lot of rain and some wind. Don't know if the storm hit NJ though

    3. Oni Equine

      Oni Equine

      Glad you're still safe, my friend. :coco:

  3. Thanks for following me! :eager:

  4. I'm still going to give it a chance, there is a probability of G5 turning out to be terrible but there is also a probability of it turning out to be great.
  5. I'm not really into construction, although I I do love to make buildings in video games.
  6. Happy birthday! :yay:

    I hope you have an amazing day today! :fluttershy:

  7. Happy birthday, my friend! :yay:

    I hope you have a wonderful day today! :eager:

  8. Good afternoon, everypony! How has your day been? :eager:

    My day's been good, although uneventful as usual. I woke up at 10am, and got a good amount of sleep last night. The weather is nice today - mostly clear skies and it's warm outside.

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    2. Oni Equine

      Oni Equine

      My day's been cold. THERE'S ICE AND SNOW! Gao~

    3. InfernalEnergy


      @Oni Equine It's been a little cold here, but not anywhere near the temperatures for ice and snow. Stay warm, my friend! :fluttershy:

    4. Oni Equine

      Oni Equine

      @InfernalEnergy I am! Because it's warming up again. But hopefully not too much. I am so done with summer weather. *Bass guitar solo*

  9. I'm going to bed, goodnight everypony! :fluttershy:

  10. Look what I'm eating as a snack right now! ^_^


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    2. Tacodidra


      I bet they're delicious! :pinkie: I've never had them myself, but chili snacks are fabulous in general. :grin:

    3. Flying Pencil

      Flying Pencil

      Never had Cheez-Its 

    4. Oni Equine

      Oni Equine

      Those Cheezits have no chill.

  11. Good afternoon, everypony! How has your day been so far? :eager:

    *boops you* :squee:


  12. I'm in the forums because I want to make friends and chat with other bronies! Nice artwork by the way!
  13. I don't think there is a consistent pattern that determines how age works in Equestria.
  14. Many would say the toyline, but I think it is the show that makes the generation.
  15. It's simple - if your waifu has canon love interest, you ignore it. Just because it's canon doesn't mean you have to accept it.
  16. No way, I'm not going to watch a rated R MLP movie.
  17. Don't give up on your waifu just because they are different than you in some areas.
  18. There's not much we can really do, except continuing to make fan-made content.
  19. MLP FiM is over, but you can always re-watch it.