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Favorite Episode of Each Season? (Except the Season Finales and Premieres)

Pinky Pie

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Season 1: Griffon the Brush Off/ Applebuck Season/ Party of One

Season 2: Hurricane Fluttershy/ A Friend in Deed / Sisterhooves Social

Season 3: Apple Family Reunion

Season 4: Pinkie Apple Pie/ Maud Pie / Simple Ways

ha i forgot about simple ways :) then i remembered ^-^

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Season 1: Really hard to pick. Maybe Over a Barrel?

Season 2: Had the two best of the series, but I'll go with It's About Time.

Season 3: At only 8/10, Keep Calm and Flutter On.

Season 4: And at only 7.5/10, Rarity Takes Manehattan.

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Season 1: Party of One - My rewatch of this is how Pinkie Pie helped make herself known on my favorite characters per show list. As someone who frequently feels insecure about how my friends feel about me, Pinkie's dilemma is one I find very relatable. Pinkie just likes having fun with her friends, and that is something I can feel a personal connection with.

Season 2: Family Appreciation Day - Normally I'm a huge fan of Spike, but this episode scraped above Dragon Quest for me for its expansion on characters we didn't normally think about beforehand and a look into the show's lore in a fun and interesting way. Granny Smith is fun to follow throughout, Applebloom's dilemma is believable, the Timberwolves are really cool and the Ponyville backstory scene was generally an amazing moment.

Season 3: The Crystal Empire - I LOVE the introduction of the titular kingdom here, the sense of terror throughout as Sombra appproaches it, and the reflection on Spike's character throughout. I'm a huge fan of Spike here given my childhood worship of dragons and the overall intensity of Twilight sending him to help save the empire. It's also a shining moment for Cadence, showing what she'll do to help the many, and she easily earned her place on the Crystal Empire throne.

Season 4: Power Ponies - Could it be more obvious coming from me? :-P

Season 5: The Hooffields and McColts - This episode can be the one you thank/blame for Fluttershy becoming my favorite character for a loooooooooong time. In addition to a hilarious conflict between the titular families, Fluttershy proves herself a very intelligent pony when the situation calls for it. She saw the smaller details Twilight didn't and was able to figure out what had happened in the past, and what needed to be done.

Season 6: The Gift of the Maud Pie - This is my favorite episode focusing on the dynamic Pie sibling duo. I really like seeing them together...pretty much all the time, but this is my favorite example of the bond they share. Maud was willing to give up something she always wanted for Pinkie, and you really feel for Pinkie's dilemma and despair. Plus Rarity proved to be a perceptive and very empathetic friend, even if she and Pinkie have their differences.

Season 7: A Health of Information - More badass proactive Fluttershy please! This episode proved how much Fluts has truly grown since the days of "scared of her own shadow-Shy". When Zecora gets Swamp Fever, Fluttershy IMMEDIATELY takes it upon herself to get off her haunches and do something about it. She doesn't want Zecora to die and is willing to brave her fears to save her. The lesson about not pushing yourself too hard is also very well-done...as someone who needs to get more sleep herself :muffins:

Season 8: School Raze - Cozy Glow is currently my favorite villain in the show. (Oops, call me Zecora because that rhymed, lol.) She's my favorite kind of villain - a villain who, while not having any innate insane powers like Chrysalis and Tirek do, is INCREDIBLY intelligent and devious, and that's how she winds up almost able to drain all the magic from Equestria AND become Empress of Friendship (that's a badass name btw). Not to mention I really like the Student Six so getting to see so much of them in action is a big plus for me. (Molt Down was VERY close here, tho)

Season 9: The Big Mac Question - Now HERE'S an episode that is just plain fun. The Big Mac+Spike+Discord trio is at its best, being super fun to see in action as Big Mac's plan to propose unfolds. Discord's usual chaotic-ness is a lol-fest, Spike is his usual likable self, and you really feel for Big Mac's desires. It was a great note for the usual slice-of-life stuff to go out on.

I need to rewatch the later seasons. :twismile:

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My favorite non-premier and finale episodes are: 


Season 1: Look Before You Sleep

Season 2: Sisterhooves Social

Season 3: Magic Duel

Season 4:Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3

 Season 5: Amending Fences

Season 6: Gauntlet of Fire

Season 7: The Perfect Pear

Season 8: Horse Play

Season 9: Going to Seed

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S1: Stare Master
S2: It's About Time
S3: Magic Duel
S4: Three's a Crowd
S5: Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?
S6: No Second Prances
S7: A Royal Problem
S8: What Lies Beneath
S9: Frenemies

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Always these hard ones ....

S1: Sonic Rainboom
S2: Lessen Zero
S3: Sleepless in Ponyville
S4: Filli Vanilli
S5: Tanks for Memories
S6: No Second Prances
S7: Perfect Pair
S8: The Washouts
S9: A Horse Shoe In

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S1: Stare Master

S2: Baby Cakes

S3: Apple Family Reunion

S4: Power Ponies

S5: Slice Of Life

S6: The Saddle Row Review

S7: A Health Of Information

S8: Molt Down

S9: Sparkle's Seven

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Season 1 - Best Night Ever
Season 2 - Hurricane Fluttershy
Season 3 - Sleepless In Ponyville
Season 4 - Testing Testing 123
Season 5 - Amending Fences
Season 6 - Stranger Than Fanfiction
Season 7 - Parental Glideance
Season 8 - The Washouts
Season 9 - Sparkle's Seven

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