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Favorite Season, and Episode


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My favorite season is close, but season 6 is a strong contender.  But this season does not include my favorite episode.  if i have to choose an episode in my favorite season, it would be "the crystalling" (which inspired me to cosplay sunburst) or:


Times They Are A Changeling cause best Spike episode so far!


yeah, that was sweet.

But my favorite episode is "A Canterlot Wedding". 

In addition to just being amazing in every way, it is also nostalgic...


(whimsical flashback music)


Back when I lived in Alaska, i invited my sister to come visit me, and when she arrived, I had been a brony for a few months.  I showed her the first episode, and then we binged the 52 episodes that were out because SHE wanted to!  When we got to canterlot wedding, I said:

"____ i'm so glad you are enjoying this show with me, you're my LSBFF"
"my little sister best friend forever"
"heh, your my...HA!...BBBFF!"

And then I started the episode, and BLEW HER MIND!

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Season 5 is objectively the best season of the show, period.


My favorite episode would have to be Bloom & Gloom (Magic Duel, Family Appreciation Day, Cutie Mark Chronicles, Filli Vanilli, and Hearths Warming Tale are each the best episodes of their respective seasons).

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Season 2, and "Lesson Zero." S2 was able to deepen the characters, storytelling, and even humour without compromising the simple charm of the show, and later seasons have continually struggled to meet its highs. "Lesson Zero" stands out to me for exploring Twilight's anxieties while taking the show in strange and unexpected directions. It delights me every time.

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