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Gaming The Generic Universal RolePlaying System (GURPS)


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Link to the official site: http://www.sjgames.com/gurps/


I'm curious if anyone here has played the GURPS roleplaying system? It stands for Generic Universal RolePlaying System, and even though I just started reading through the basic set of the 4th edition books I think I'm already hooked. I created this topic as a general discussion of the system and to find anyone else who might have tried it; I haven't played any games with it yet, but I plan on doing so soon.


If you've played it before, is it good? What sort of games/genres have you played if any? Are there any MLP versions out there? Do you prefer it over D&D/Pathfinder/Champions/Call of Cthulhu, etc?

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I use GURPs for a lot of my tabletop and online tabletop RP's solely because I find it offers a bit more diversity than a lot of other systems. My tabletop character is a whore (no, seriously, she's a prostitute) and most other systems frown down upon that sort of thing becoming an actual part of her character. Now, however, she can do a lot more with that, which allows me to expand on her quite a bit.

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