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How do you become an auto mechanic?


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This is something I've been wanting to learn for years because when the zombie apocalypse happens it would be good to have a skill of practical importance. I'm purchasing some books on basic repair work and expect to start servicing now own vehicle more, but what do I do to become more of a professional?

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Yup. I'm in the state of Tennessee. I'm fairly new, as I drove a thousand miles to get down here. I think being on the road that long cemented my desire to finally learn this.


Well there are several 'paths' to this.


1. you need to already know your stuff to a degree. This includes identifying parts, tools, assemblies, simple diagnostics, sounds, and functions of the vehicle systems -- there are generally eight systems that are considered specialties in ICE engine vegicles. You should be able to fully service and repair general items (oil change, tranny fluid, belts, checking fuel pressure, R&R (remove and replace) of basic components like a starter, water pump, etc). Study guides and schematics. Get Technical Service Bulletin and CSP sheets that highlight and walk you through specific repairs. Know the difference between a connecting rod and piston. If someone says they need a breaker bar ... you should know what it is and why they are asking.


2. Attend and pass a vocational or two year degree course on Automotive Technology. You may also be able to get a job during this period as a Service Advisor, which is part sales and part communication. You are the voice of the grease monkey basically.


3. Get a job as a lube service tech working under other trainees, certified technicians, and a master tech.


4. Become ASE certified by studying for, qualifying for, and passing the test. More Info Here


5. Study under a Master Tech and work along side techs in the area you have chosen to specialize in (Drivetrain, Transmission, etc)


6. Pass all eight specialization tests (Heavy Trucks included) to become a Master Tech.


7. Congrats ... you know how to tear down and rebuild a vehicle and can name all the parts and tools you need.


8. Profit during the zombie apocalypse do you your in demand knowledge.



Source - Worked for Ford Motor Company for a few years.

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