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OOC Panty Raid! (OOC)

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RP: http://mlpforums.com/topic/108562-panty-raid-rp/


Yes, yes, I have yet another RP. Big firetruckin' deal. That's what happens when I get bored.


In Ponyville reside a group of stallions who are good friends. There also resides a group of mares who are also good friends.


It just so happens that one of the mares has invited her friends over for a girls' night in, which will likely result in them staying the night.


The stallions have decided to engage in an activity so immature, yet so free-spirited. Gives the feeling of being a colt again.


Panty raiding.


The stallions have set themselves a personal mission to sneak into the mare's house during the time she and her friends are asleep, and claim the underwear of all of the mares.


Of course, they run the risk of getting caught. And if that happens, there's not telling what the consequences would be. Getting beat up? Being reported to the cops for breaking & entering and theft?


Only time will tell.






Rainbow Eclipse - Riley


Photon Jet - Photon Jet


Deviousnights - Dark Side


Smash N Dash - Overdrive




Rainbow Eclipse - Anala


pinkiepartypie - Lexi Rosa


Nature Of Fluttershy - Merryfeather McCloud


Gearhart - Longshot

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Oh, I want to put my OC Merryfeather McCloud in there! :D


But, this will be my first RP I ever join, so can you explain how they work? >//<


Is your OC female or male?


Also, here is some help.

All righty then, as long as I stay on the forums this time, I'll join:


Longshot(all new character that I made for this Rp): Here

I can't reach Longshot's page.

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Basically we are playing our own roles with our own characters, One person may affect another as we go along. post by post it goes on until it's inevitable end, whether by it dieing or we actually complete it. An rp dieing is when multiple people stop posting and everyone forgets about it.

Try now

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Is your OC female or male?


Also, here is some help.

I can't reach Longshot's page.

Thank you. ^^


I thought you may have figured out by the name if it was male/female. She is definitely female...and if you need a reference:




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