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S05:E10 - Princess Spike


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  • 2 weeks later...

This might just be the most boring episode of the show. Almost half of the episode is the same joke of ponies only listening to orders if they come from a princess. It gets so old so quickly. And on top of that, it doesn't even make sense. Why doesn't Spike say he's Twilight's assistant? That might get the ponies to listen to him. Even if it didn't he could've at least tried. And none of these delegates go to the other princesses? You could say they're all in meetings, but for all the delegates know, Twilight could be at a meeting. They don't even know she's sleeping for most of the episode. Why don't they at least try? And why doesn't Spike tell them to ask the other princesses? Again, it might not work, but he doesn't even try. 

The structure of this episode is completely wrong. There is no buildup to Spike taking advantage of speaking for Twilight. He just does the same stuff over and over again with no change for most of the episode. He doesn't consider taking advantage of his position until Cadence puts it in his mind. And when things go wrong, they don't come from when he's taking advantage of things, they come from when he was actually trying to help. So Spike gets off scot free for when he was taking advantage of his position, but is punished for trying to help. That's a really bad implication to send. And of course Cadence doesn't do more than question Spike when she confronts him. It doesn't make sense, but at least the episode continues, right? And it's cool that the other princesses don't realize that the Dragon-Sneeze Trees are still up when they should be down. That seems like something to investigate and question. But again, that would end the episode.

I guess if the episode was more entertaining none of this would be as bad, but this episode is so boring. I don't think any of the jokes here work.

Score: 0/10


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  • 2 years later...

When I saw this episode the first time, I thought it was good. The second time around, I was kinda bored with it. I regret this, because there are actual interesting points in it. Spike taking over to help Twilight and than later deviating his altruistic path is something which happens in real life far to often. Starting with good intentions and then losing what is important.

I also don't know why this episode has disappointed me so much the second time around.

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I don't know why this isn't well received but I quite enjoyed it. I liked seeing the different ponies in this episode and how Spike handled it. The water mane was funny, and the ending was satisfying. It'd be funny if the watermane exploded after Cadence covered it in crystals though.

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  • 2 years later...

Opinion stays the same as when I saw it 3 years ago. I love this episode, and I could make out some of the background ponies in the episode as well - including Yuma Spurs. Fancy Pants was fun, as well as the stallion who was working on the watermane that just so happened to pour open into the open window.

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