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Random question of the day! What is your favourite emoticon?


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I use :3 and XD lot.

I also use >:D, :S, and -__- a lot.

Basically I use veerything but those are my top ones XD

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Not sure if they make any special emoticons, but those are the ones I use the most. Oh and of course, I also use the more "standard. ones a lot too.







I think I tend to use too many emoticons when I write :P ( <-- see? I did it again just now!)

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That is my favorite non-pony emoticon. I'm not going to tell you what "Kitaa!" means.


My favorite pony emoticons are tied between /), /) (, and /)^3^(.

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I love how Dewdlz is just reviving all these old threads  :muffins:  :derp:


My favorite emoticons are the Derpy ones, and I also like to use :squee: and :wub: when I'm around my special somepony. I tend to use :P the most frequently though.

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