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Do you feel comfortable wearing things that stand out in public?


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noooot really but i used to wear tails to school when i was like 12 LOL? 

i went to uk ponycon this year and walked through town to kfc with a pair of pony ears on and no one seemed to bat an eye. so maybe i should dabble.. honestly i think people could care less

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I don't like to stick out, I never have. But, like my current job, being my first office job, when I went into it I had this idea of office jobs being where you dress nice for. However, what I found out is that people are generally very casual, wearing T-shirts and jeans and stuff like that. I still like to dress up a little more than that, so I do feel like that possibly makes me stand out, even though I don't think my style makes me stand out much in general.  I frequently get compliments for what I wear and I'm not too bothered by that, but I guess it does mean I do stick out a little. No doubt my desk with colorful horses and unicorns also makes me stick out. What am I doing? :blink: Guess, maybe I'm softening on this issue. Learning that sticking out a little isn't always bad if it means what I'm doing that's happening to cause that is what makes me happy.

Character development??? (I doubt that's a healthy way to reflect upon oneself... but oh well. :mlp_laugh:)

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