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Sins of the Past: Part 1

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This is a several part episode idea by yours truly. So here we go:

During the Grand Galloping Galla, Princess Celestia begins to make an announcement. Then, seven ponies (two unicorns, two pegasi, two earth ponies, and an alicorn) use a device to "Send her away", and they take control of Equestria. When the elements of harmony try to confront the seven ponies, Dr Darkness (Alicorn, Wrath) angrily sends a magical pulse, turning each element black and makes them unusable. The ponies reveal themselves collectively as "Do Good Incorporated". They claim that Celestia was a tyrant who needed to learn a lesson and that them taking over is completely justified. Dr. Darkness assigns the other six new rulers to Twilight's friends for what he claims is "their own protection"; he assigns Wheels (Earth Pony, Sloth) to Applejack, Iron Face (Unicorn, Vanity and not Lust because this is a kids show) to Rarity, Bubba (Earth pony, Gluttony) to Pinkie, Mimi (Unicorn, Envy) to Starlight, FireSnow (Pegasus, Pride) to Rainbow Dash, and Gold Silver (Pegasus, Greed) to Fluttershy.

After he sends the others on their way, Dr. Darkness introduces Twilight to his "Soldier-Bots", and they try to arrest her. However, she escapes from the robots' clutches and hides in the Everfree forrest. In response, Dr. Darkness puts up wanted posters of her and offers a reward for her. Dead or alive.

Next, Dr. Darkness and his Soldier-Bots destroy all the stained glass portraits in the throne room. When Luna sees this and tries to confront him, he asks her out on a date. When she refuses, he says that she "Doesn't have much of a choice" and has the Soldier-Bots aim their weapons at her. She agrees to the date and leaves just as Discord enters. Discord says to Dr. Darkness, "I don't care who sits in that throne: You, Celestia, even Twilight. I'll just continue doing what I did before. You stay out of my way, and I stay out of yours." Dr. Darkness gets so angry that he turns Discord to stone with the same magical pulse that disabled the Elements.

If you have any ideas on the next episodes, let me know. I do have an idea for the ending, though.

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I telling you that Equestria war 1 is coming


Quick send in the troops

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