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Vanhoover vs Dream Realm

Division G Match  

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  1. 1. Who wins

    • Dream Realm - Daybreaker, Nightmare Rarity, Tantubus
    • Vanhoover - Moon Dancer, Countess Coloratura, Granny Smith

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  • Poll closed on 2018-09-24 at 02:00 AM

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Okay Fillies and Gentlecolts - this is a huge match. With Manehattan beating Team Dream Realm earlier, these two teams are fighting for survival. A win would put them in at 2-1, while a loss eliminates the team. Both teams have some fan favorites so this should be pretty interesting. 

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all those creatures of the night make it tempting, but i am just a pony, and i make mistakes from time to time, so i'll vote for team vanhoover
Granny smith may be old, but she can do some pretty daring stuff for her age, and this is a dream, so there's no need to stop her for her safety
and Moondancer can make the logistics and the team strategies

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Even though Vanhoover has a very favourable team of lovely little ponies...


There is just beauty...


...respectable power...


...and a few other unspoken benefits...


...of being evil.


You know you want to.

*I* know you want to.

Being good all the time is just plain boring, why not let yourself turn to the other side from time to time?

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