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Who cares if Spike ain't a pony?


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I know some people don't want Spike to become a primary role in a season, and I don't have a problem with that! That's just people's opinions! There are people that didn't like Starlight as a primary role in seasons! People who didn't like the Student 6 to be primary roles! Hell, some people don't like the Mane 6! But yunno what's a poor excuse of a reason to hold Spike back? It's because he's not a pony.

Who cares if he's not a pony? His friends don't care! Even though I'm sure he had problems in the past of certain ponies not liking him cause he's a dragon, Spike has long outgrown that! If there are people who think Spike shouldn't achieve glory because he isn't a pony, then I kinda question how these people are in real life towards other cultures or even animals. My Little Pony is just a name, and a world that mostly consists of ponies, but that doesn't mean they're the only things the show should focus on! In case you didn't notice, in MLP G1, there were human main characters, and Megan turned out to be a hero in the series finale of G1! Was she a pony? No she wasn't.

Spike not being a pony shouldn't stop him from being the best he could be! It shouldn't stop him from being a main hero! It shouldn't stop him from being a beloved friend! Being a dragon doesn't mean he's gonna be a sidekick forever - that could change! Maybe it won't! But him being a non-pony shouldn't be the reason for it! Dragons are so much better than ponies anyway - I mean isn't that how most of us felt before we became part of this fandom? 

So don't be racist! :P #DragonLivesMatter

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it's stupid to think that he shouldn't get a main role just because he's not a pony. He has shown to have pony qualities repeatedly, and that's what counts. Even moreso than that is the fact that he is Twilight's first ever friend, which puts him on equal footing with the remane5, if not higher. He deserves just as much episode screen time as the other friends. 

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6 hours ago, Will Guide said:

Honestly, it shouldn't matter whether he's a pony or a dragon. He's still a young soul with an interesting life to hear about. Just like any other worthwhile person in our world or any other.

I love Spike's characterization. He can act immature at times, but Twilight embraces him for his abilities to cope with her own tendencies to get overly drawn into her OCD. We have seen that Ponyville loves him, and The Crystal Empire reveres him. The lad is destined for greatness!  I wouldn't mind at all seeing more (Hopefully well written!) Spike episodes.

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... I still think non-pones are superior to ponies. They can do everything ponies can but better. But magi ... Spirits, Tirek, Harmony, creatures of darkness. They can purge a whole battalion of powerful unicorns and then some.


Yeah, Spike should have gotten the limelight, but we're down to one last season. You better have some spectacular Mane 6 episodes including the start and finish.

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I have no problem with Spike and can’t see why anyone would. He’s a classic character who’s been with the series since before G4 and he plays an important role. He has an engaging personality and being a dragon gives his some unique abilities (I mean, try sending all those letters to Celestia via snail mail!) He’s like a secretary, confidant and all-around best pal for Twilight. The fact that he’s not a pony has never even crossed my mind as anything significant. 

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