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Speak in Iambic Pentameter!

Pony Joe

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The rules, if you could call them that, are few.

The meter of your speech is all that counts.

Though rhyming is completely optional,

I'm sure the effort won't be overlooked.


For those of you who do not know the term

to which the title of this thread refers

the spoiler tags that follow are a guide:



Iambic Pentameter is a meter of speech which adheres to two very strict rules: First, there can be ten syllables per line; no more, no less. Second, the emphasis must be on every second syllable. It must read like this: ba-DUM, ba-DUM, ba-DUM, ba-DUM, ba-DUM. Figuratively, of course. Don't actually put "ba-DUM."




The tree in my backyard needs lots of care

A sapling in he woods rests undisturbed

Equestria is home to pony folk




With that in mind, attempt now to converse!

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So far, so good, as people often say

You all are much more clever than you look

Have you, perhaps, been reading Shakespeare much?

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Though it very much pains me to admit,

It does seem here I can write only shit,

With nary any shred of tact or wit,

The whole thing makes me feel quite like a twit,

But no matter how much I wish to quit,

I cannot rest until I hit submit,

And now, with that done if you will permit,

It is from this thread I would like to split



Somebody kill me.


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It seems this thread is on the verge of death.

Is it because this game just flat-out sucks?

I hope sincerely that that's not the case.


Can anyone come up with an idea

To make this game a bit more fun to play?

Edited by Pony Joe
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This thread is not about to die so soon.

At least my hope is that it will survive.

for what to do to make the game more fun,

I have no thoughts, for I am not the best.

ideas aren't my special talent, sir.

good luck, my friend, I hope that this will work.

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A pony once came to a thread

And to this effect, he said

Iambic is lame

And if it's the same

I'm glad that Shakespeare is dead




And I'm joking. Shakespeare is awesome and I do like iambic pentamter, I was just in more of a haiku mood :)

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