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Do you sing in the shower?


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16 hours ago, LegoshiLunA said:

ha ! nope ! ^^ and i shall never sing ! D :

Do it. I recommend starting with the Super Mario Bros. 2 overworld theme (it's fantastic even off key!), and go from there. Sing as loud as you can:




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To be honest, really rarely. I am a really bad singer and even the shower will not help I guess. And so, I usually don't sing in shower or only really quiet. 

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...you guys know that singing isn't a talent right or is not a filipino trait.... I mean we have a husky gay voice filipino, and that is not a good  singing voice combination...but oh boy wait till you hear him sing. HE DOESN'T EVEN NEED a mike to sing from a crowd mad power.

Im just saying you dont need a good voice to sing i mean he does it.

I mean Im forced to sing along whenever someone just spontaneously sings out of nowhere in my country but i aint a good singer... 

Maybe thats the reason why our country has lesser suicide rates....hm.

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Not all the time, but occasionally I'll like to sing songs like "Sweet Adeline" or "Put on your old grey bonnet"- really really old dittys from the early 20th century, but they're really easy to sing and they're honesty kinda catchy too! :squee:

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