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general Are you nearsighted or farsighted?


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I'm one of the lucky few to be blessed with 20/20 vision in both eyes B)

However, my sister and both my parents are farsighted (my dad is especially bad), so that doesn't exactly bode well for me later in life.

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9 minutes ago, TheTaZe said:

Haha, why? I'm nothing special.


6 minutes ago, Cyclone1066 said:

Damn near perfect eyesight here:derp:

20/20 left and 20/19 on right last it was checked and judging by my depth perception that hasn't changed.


You two both. My eyesight is fucked 

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12 hours ago, Misty Breeze said:

I don't remember which is which :lie:

I'm blind as a bat though.

Nearsighted means you can’t see well far away from you and farsighted means you can’t see well something that’s close to your eyes. I think...


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