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What if the Mane 6 turned to alicorns?


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There were a lot of speculations about this, and for some, this gives off Generation 3 nightmares. I was thinking this would happen at the very end. It would've been cool to see, but I like the ending just fine. Truth be told, the writers would struggle if Hasbro demanded that the mane 6 be turned into alicorns. 

Also, as this is just a speculation thread, I've removed the Mega Thread tag, which is reserved for special threads. 

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4 minutes ago, rainbowdashie12 said:

We already know that Twilight sparkle became alicorn in season 3 but what happens if the whole mane six become alicorns? how would Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow dash, Fluttershy, and Pinkie pie rule Equestria with Twilight sparkle?

Moved this to the G4 discussion area. 

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I think.....

...twilight will still be crazy, Dashie will still be lazy, fluttershyll be sniffing dazzies, apple jacks dog will still have rabies, rarity will still say no to spike and take a hike to Haiti! 

and pinkie pie will rap this up and transform into a draconicous.

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