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general When did you get your first phone?

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I think it was 2010, I would have been 13 in the 7th grade. Most of the kids I knew had already had theirs for 2 years, and a handful had the original iPhone. I was going back and forth between 4 different households on the weekends so it was good for coordination.


My Dad's second wife bought it for me off of Ebay, and my Mom bought the simcard under AT&T even though it was a Verizon model. I think I had 300 minutes of talk time and unlimited texting, but never got close to using them all up. I don't thunk it had any games on it? But I abused the notes app then as I do now, would look at the world clock, and I could take poor quality pictures and 15 second video's. I would make what would barely qualify as Lego stop motion by pausing and unpacking the camera, but it recorded the clicking sound! :ButtercupLaugh: I only had so much space and had no idea how to load or upload anything so I'd carefully decide which ones I preferred to keep.


I had to replace that phone after we capsized a rowboat. Felt quite sad. My next phone didn't have a camera, and i was awful at emptying my pockets, so the first of the next 3 went through the washing machine.

These  images are from a different one on Ebay. I think this is what I had only in blue.

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Landlines have always been a thing in my life, but I am guessing you mean cellphones/smart phones. My first cell phones happened in the late 90's/early 2000's. They looked like this:




The fathers of modern cell phones. Only capable of traditional calls and text messages, back when that meant ONLY text. A few very basic games like Snake. No internet, and no smart features.

Then there was a big time gap where I didn't use cell phones at all. Wasn't until college when I began to need one, and even then I didn't get the kind of phone people traditionally use now.

It wasn't really until the 2010's that I really began to use a smart phone like everyone else. By that point, it was getting impossible to not have one. :P

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I didn't get a cell phone till freshman year in high school, it was a flip phone as they all were back then. So primitive in comparison to current smart phones. I'm amazed students these days learn anything when they can just use their phones.

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