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When did you last get a haircut?

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I got mine cut short about a month ago. I only head down to the barber once every couple of months, so it's always a momentous occasion for me. :P

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I cut my own hair just last week.

Usually, I try and go for something along the lines of this:



Occasionally I have to trim some length off to maintain it. Also, it can be a little difficult to keep it straight sometimes due to it always wanting to fan out at the tips. :mlp_laugh:

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A year or so ago. My hair is wild like nature.

Long abundant hair is a sign of long life, abundant spirituality, growth and nature in my understanding. Open mind, expansive reception, and all their opposites. Each hair is like an antenna.

The feminine aspect of my being, the emotionality and intuition.

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I'm gonna say... Maybe 5 months ago?

I'm about to get a side cut to look similar to my avatar lol.

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