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Not sure if someone has posted this already, but WeLoveFine has posted some awesome new pony gear for fans to wear around. Check them out:


All of the ponywear is music sensitive, except for the sky blue Rainbow Dash scarf/hat.

The shirts are $29, the flying Dashie bag is $39, and the Vinyl Hoodie is $53. (The other RD scarf is only $25.)

Get to them quick though - there are only TWO Vinyl Hoodies left in stock!

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now where can i find some money......... ^_^


Hahaha, I'm with you on that one. It's always the one thing that separates me from most of the awesome stuff that's out there in the world...

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Just ordered one. That shirt is so awesome. First thing I am going to do when it gets here... play some Challa!


I wish the hoodie version was a pullover.

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Dangit, sold out until... tomorrow? Wow. I just got on there thinking I could also purchase one of those amazeball shirts! Guess I'll have to wait for two things tomorrow, then!

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I bought one of these to wear at BronyCon and after about three weeks, it finally arrived!




The LED panel works great. It's bright, especially considering I used old TV remote batteries, and it responds well to both quiet and loud music, depending on how you have the sensitivity set.






The battery pack is a little larger than I expected. I thought it would be uncomfortable but it's not that bad. It fits in a little pocket on the side of the shirt and doesn't really get in the way. The one thing I don't like is the ribbon cable. It looks like it could be damaged easily.






The battery pack has an on/off switch and a sensitivity setting. At the lowest setting, it's basically the same as turning it off. At the highest setting, it pretty much stays lit, regardless of any sound. For loud music, you'll want to turn it down, and for quiet music, you may have to turn it up.






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