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MLP Birthday Situations

Doctor XFizzle

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My brother violated Princess Celestia (._. ...)

My mother created battle clones with Mayor Mare (o_O...)

My Dad got married to Berry Punch (O_O)


and I'm the one that gets sent to Magic Kindergarden?! Screw this! (rages somewhere else)

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(cause I'm that annoying I did other's too)


Dad: Destroyed Equestria with Big Macintosh (Huh?)

Mom: Switched bodies with Rarity (more, huh?)

Lil bro Cousin(that's what I call him):Violated Scootaloo? (o____O)

Friend 1: Violated Zecora (wow)

Friend 2: Started a business with Octavia

Friend 3: Started a gang with Fluttershy (no comment on that)

Friend 4: Switched bodies with Pinkie Pie (no fair!)

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