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writing So what, you lied?


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~Just writing this out of betrayal.


Everytime I got close to saving you,

you turned into something you weren't,

We finally split into two,

My heart ending up burnt.


You said you could never love,

that I couldn't really be yours.

What happened to your mind that made you shove,

acting as if to care were really your chores.


I was there whenever you asked,

around when you were sad.

You hid yourself behind your mask,

pretending things were bad.


So what happened to what you said,

to the pain that you kept?

Are they hiding under your bed,

hoping that you're sane enough to be adept?


.I understand now that you lied,

that someone could really be yours.

I wish I knew this before a piece of me died,

before you pushed me out the door.


I'm happy that my heart as moved on,

but I'm hurt you lied.

The sun is now moving in this new dawn,

and by my new love I shall abide.


This heart you never had,

this love you never wanted.

The times you were always sad,

the time I thought we had bonded.


They are all in the past,

times where I dare never to stay.

For I see I have come in last,

and I must now stay away.

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