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Testing The Birthday Paradox!

Pony Joe

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The Birthday Paradox states that when 23 people's birthdays are compared, the chances of 2 birthdays being identical is 50%! With 57 people, it reaches 99%!


So, I want to try a little experiment. For each post, put your birthday and continue the count. We will see exactly how many posts it takes for us to find a match.


Let's begin!


My birthday is March 22nd, and I will start the count at ONE.


Birthdays so far


March 22

June 6

September 1

October 31

August 25

April 3

June 18

June 29

January 28

September 9

October 14

December 8

April 28

September 1

March 27

March 10

March 22

June 20

April 29

February 25

December 15

May 30

December 8

August 25

May 26

May 13

December 31

July 8



Posts: 28

Total matches found: 4

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Why must we state our names?




I never said you had to state your names.


EDIT: Crap, I did! I'm sorry, I meant to say "birthday." Honestly. I have no clue what happened.

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