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Moog the Kvlt

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  • 2 years later...

Gah! Alarming background gradient! Immediate Negative Ten Points!!!

Fhew! Spooked me there! Surprising amounts of blue! But anyhow!

 +5 for the creativity of having a flag counter and the knowledge of how to just ship that over to here!

Another +5 for the rather catchy song that from now on, I will think is titled as "This Llama is My Soul."!

 -5 for it being in a language I can't understand, despite the notion that I'm rather convinced whatever culture that is counts for at least an eighth of my ancestry.... and maybe two of those points is for reminding me that I don't know what my twelve different heritages are!

 -5 for having some oddball blue elf girl for an avatar on a lime green background. Clashes somethin' fierce!

+10 for actually finding an elf I can consider decently cute. That's alot considering how much I hate elves!

-5 For the name not having anything at all to do with the avatar, profile or banner.

+5 for reminding me of Llamas indirectly. Now I'm all Llama Happy!

  ...wait, don't know if making me Llama Llooney is a good or bad thing....you know what, I'll both subtract AND add five points simultaneously!!

..........................waaait.....what does that leave us at then?

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8/10 - It's very informative, but somewhat text heavy. You should add some pictures! :) 

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  • 7 months later...
  • Sweet food is humankind's greatest creation

I wept tears of joy/10 

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  • 2 weeks later...


I like the bullet point list in your About Me section and the sound wave in your cover photo!

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