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S04:E01+02 - Princess Twilight Sparkle

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Posting on behalf on my 10 year old "bronie", this is her first live chat while watching premiere. I am not as well versed in terminology so please excuse any mistakes. Thanks

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Princess Celestia sharing the pain that an otherwise celebration for all of Equestria caused her for 1000 years?  BUCK YES I WANT SOME CELESTIA BACKSTORY AND FEELS!!!!!!!! biggrin.png


Also, is it just me, or is the lighting/shading in the animation this season looking absolutely gorgeous?!?! ohmy.png

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How long after the show airs on tv is it aproprate to talk about it?

You can talk about it when you want. Nobody's stopping you.


If you want to talk about the episode in detail, just put it in a spoiler ;) for at least a month or two after it's aired.

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Hahah the chat exploded into "TENTACLE RAPE" "RAPE" "I'VE SEEN ENOUGH HENTAI TO SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING" when that black plant came out. Oh my.



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"Twilight, there is another way you can get to Ponyville!"


Yes, let's see, um, she could fly, although she's not very good at that, or, well, hmmmm, what else could she do?  Oh yeah, that's right, TELEPORT!!!!!!!!!! angry.png

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Commercial break! This is my first ever live stream/watching an episode not on Netflix! e9FkmL5.png



I really like it so far! Already pretty suspenseful. I'm actually surprised that Rarity was so clueless to the floating teacup/invisible magic. I don't know...I thought she'd be a bit more deductive in her reasoning, haha.

Can't wait for more!


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