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S04:E01+02 - Princess Twilight Sparkle

Yellow Diamond


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YES!!!  It's happened!!!  Nightmare Moon's deliciously cheesy evil laugh has finally returned!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! laugh.png laugh.png laugh.png

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Well, things are looking pretty good so far. xD



It appears that Twilight does indeed have to spend a lot of time in Canterlot away from her friends, and true to her character, she is torn between the obligations of friendship and royalty. Love how the ponies are interacting with the vines, and now with the NM flashback things really get interesting.


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Seatbelt for spike? Oh dear I can't watch this episode without thinking of the tree-rape scene in Evil Dead XD


I'm really enjoying it so far! :)

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Discord is in the new intro!  He's waving from a window in Fluttershy's cottage

Nice spotting :P


Also Twilight has kept her wings in the intro, does this mean she'll stay like this for the full season?

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