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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I was happy to see my profile pony make a comback as well as seeing Inky Rose and apparently Edward Scissorhooves. It’s good in general that there are different types of background ponies/supporting characters to make them stand out and show different view of Equestria.
  3. He caused a great deal of harm and is an unpleasant person but I do not think he broke any laws or EEA’s comes so there is no reason for him to be fired. Celestia is not a tyrant who fires people at will. And the school really is a risky endeavor by Twilight which easily leads to diplomatic issues if things don’t run smoothly and there is unexpected issues like the students running away. So it’s not exactly Neighsay’s fault there was tensions between the creatures, expecially when he was not even aware they were attending.
  4. The opposite. In some episode where Luna and Celestia are away Blublood and Twilight should be left in charge in Canterlot. At fits it looks like just a comedy episode of Blueblood being incompetent and Twilight doing everything. But then a villain attacks and in a Hans like twist Blueblood betrays Twiloght and his friends and they are captured. He is in league with the villain (maybe romantic relationship). And has a villain monologue of being bitter that he should have been Celestia’s student and made alicorn. And explanation for his backstory. My headcanon is that he is a decendant of some other alicorn Celestia raised who is now dead since I don’t know what else makes sense. But then Celestia and Luna return since Spike sent a message and save the day. Blueblood and the other villain is sent to Tartarus. We have had so many reformations so opposite would be refreshing. Betrayals are common in other fiction but not in MLP so it would not be that easy to see even though Blueblood isn’t likable. And because he is not liked or a big character this could be done I believe despite this being a show about friendship. And Blueblood badly needs a backstory and then leave permanently, what his role is just bothers me. And people would be happy about the princesses doing something.
  5. You know it's never been stated a throne is required for the map to send you even though that has happened so far. Anyway it could be just be Twlilight's mission but she is busy and sends Starlight. I have wanted that kind of episode where a "wrong" pony is send for some reason and see what that causes. In any case it took until the second half of the last season for a map quest so they don't have to balanced for it to be normal (even if last season they made up a exuse for the absence).
  6. They can resolve it them just talking about it like Gravity Falls did for its age inappropriate romance between Wendy and Dipper (I did not particularly enjoy that show but that was handled well). Or Spike getting fed up with having to carry Rarity's stuff and a small argument and they make up but Spike is still not doing that stuff anymore. Or just mentioning casually how he used to have a crush on her forever ago and it's played for laughs since it's not that long but it's still treated seriously. Or really just give Spike a love interest. I doupt any of the many 6 will get one but if you make Spike grow up a bit and give him wings and set a long distance relationship with Ember I doupt people will complain. In any case an agree with MegaSean45 that it would be cheap to just drop it. The shippers would never think it's done and even for the rest it would take forever since the crush is not mentioned often. But most importantly it's important for Spike's character development. He has had the schoolboy crush that was never going anywhere from the first episode, it would be a big deal for his character arc if that chapter of his life would close.
  7. I meant I hope they officially end it in season 8.
  8. They are not spoilers, one country just decided to buy the rights and air the episodes early. Hasbro should have made a contract that did not let anyone air episodes beforehand but since they did not they are just normal episodes. In any case it's not just Canadians watching the episodes. If you aren't from US why wait to watch episodes in when US releases them. And you could watch the episodes too for the matter. I think people have been avoiding posting episode info quite well from what I have seen. I think some YouTube thumbnails might be an issue and I don't know about Deviantart but I have not seen the episode into posted here, Reddit or Equestria Daily so far in a way you can't avoid them. But I could be wrong.
  9. While those ideas could be fun they aren't really neened. And first I rather have them have supporting roles like Nurse Redhead has in episode 3 where they get to speak and contribute to the plot a bit at the same time.
  10. If the three ponies did not act the same and had their own reasons (rather than I know better for all) and had different reactions when Fluttershy told them off such as one immediately apologizing and one coming back later and Fluttershy maybe saying she was a bit in the wrong too the episode would have improved a great deal. I guess the tension is supposed to come us from thinking Fluttershy is still season 2 Fluttershy and is going to cave under pressure but I think most of us know how she has progressed. It's kind of similar to how we probably not supposed to notice how well Starlight and Maud got along but they gave too many clues and we know the characters too well so it was clear quite soon that they got along. But that episode had a lot more going on too. I guess the episode was a cute and has nothing exactly wrong with it but it's the epitome of meh truly. You can tell the writer used to write children's chapter books. In those main character encountering a obstacle where they really aren't in the wrong and other characters are not very consequential and then everything is solved with a happy ending is really material for those plots. The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows was kind of similar but Pinkie's antics more humorous ans so entertaining and us learning of Flurry was big news. If that episode would have been more like a Friends episode whee got its title reference Pinkie would have accidentally or otherwise told the news to someone spend the episode trying to stop the chain reaching Twlilight so there was more tension (and it would have been like a certain Friends episode but more kiddie of course).
  11. Has anyone asked this from someone involved in the show? Should we?
  12. It would have been fun imo to have her attack first mid season and then return in the finale and there be kind of an arch. But it's not really MLP. Now I think it's either CMC episode or Maud, Starlight and Trixie one (because that episode needs to happen.). It could also reference to someone being talented in three ways. The traditional is singing, dancing and acting but I can't see anyone in the show being talented in all of those. But it could be some other three I suppose in which case it could be about anyone really.
  13. He got 3 episodes last season with both Gauntlet of Fire and The Times are Changeling important for world building and Spike's character develpment and the later very plot relevant as well. Dungeons and Discords was a Discord episode so a big deal and the first guys only episode and Spike even got big role in the Chrystalling premiere. Not every season needs to be season 6 for him. In season 5 he had only Princess Spike which was displeasing to many and inconcequential episode and he was Twlilight's sidekick in the finale. That was similar to season 1 where he has only one episode in the end of the season so last season was unusual as was season 4 with 3 episodes as well. Usually it's two. Imo now that the show promotes more supporting characters 1 episode is a good number for Spike if he has nice supporting appearances like he had in the first 3 episodes. I am sure he will have a episode at one point and he could even still have two. Or he could have two next season. Imo I think he should have episode visiting Thorax and the Changelins so that relationship can be built on and it's an interesting episode where we can learn more about the changelings. Spike has had so many episodes when you look at the entire series that what should matter is that they are good ones which character develoment, nice supporting characters and plot relevance. Quality over quantity. Otherwise it's too easy for the writers to write a usual Spike episode where he messes things up. I hope they keep pairing him with interesting characters like in season 6 with Starlight, Ember, Thorax and Discord where he can shine. Too much spotlight for him is not beneficial.
  14. Great episode is a great episode no matter who are starring. And if episode is dissapointing it's one regardless if it stars Fluttershy, Fluttershy Leans in was building on prior character develoment not making its own.
  15. Celestia would not have visited people's dreams like Luna does.