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  1. https://youtu.be/INAL4mGwL5Y On 1 of the 4 days of the event, my capture card was slightly disconnected and never captured audio from the right speaker throughout almost the whole day and I never noticed. I need to paranoid check everything all the time
  2. I used to play and make Youtube videos actively for the Smash Bros Melee scene and I'm considering returning. My favorite thing about going to tournaments was recording myself playing the game with others and uploading individual funny moments to Youtube. Want to check out my latest 1? It would be nice if I could gain subscribers again, but even if I don't, I think I'm going to return just to help out the new players get better. Playing to win is too stressful and I'm not among the ultra talented. There's no point for me to hope to win. Maybe I'll also play
  3. 2018 goal: Become a powerful vampire like Dio

    1. Alpharius


      Vampires are cool but Werewolves are cooler in my opinion :3

  4. The government doesn't care about its people. They do whatever they want to do to have as much power as they want. How long ago was the Brexit vote? It's been more than a year and no 1's doing anything to get out of the EU. Congress doesn't have to care about what they people want. They're in charge, they count the votes, they're funded by you by force. What are you going to do if NN ends? Complain on a site you have to pay $10/month extra to see? The government doesn't care! Democracy is dying Big ISPs like Comcast and Time Warner know that charging $X/month extra is going to drive profi
  5. When am I ever going to finally jump off a bridge?

    1. Miss


      When you finally decide to be like your hero Scootaloo and start bungee jumping :D

    2. WWolf


      When you've had enough, hopefully never :U

    3. stripper


      I've had too much already

  6. FoxInShadow drew it ♥
  7. "I'm sorry" "Thank you" "Please"
  8. Politically, the world will be hell. Ever since the presidential election boiled down to Hillary vs Trump, things have continued to get shittier and it's not stopping
  9. How old were you when you first starting engaging with My Little Pony? 20 What aspects of the tv show do you connect to? The cheerful mood of the show and how super unique it is Does your family know you are a MLP fan? It's blatant If so, how do they respond to it? Told me to grow up, then stopped caring How do people outside of your family treat you for being a MLP fan? I'm hated by 10,000s Have you experienced harassment (online or in person)? Greatly online What do you feel makes the MLP culture different from mainstream groups and cultures?I don't interact wit
  10. Attractiveness: Take a look and be the judge ♥ Intelligence: Probably 69 IQ Kindness: Judge me by my actions
  11. She wants to use me for sex. I don't want to have sex with her if she doesn't lose any weight I currently don't have feelings for her because she's my boss and our relationship is currently only boss & employee. I'm a very reserved person. I don't like opening up to anyone without having the deepest trust for them. Very few people know me below the surface. Only 1 of my real life friends knows me deeply. This isn't a test nor anything like that, it's merely being ultra introverted If I get to the point of a date, my only plan is to test the waters with her and find out what ha
  12. She's my manager at my shame job who's 3 years older than me (30), probably 30-50 LBS heavier than I'd prefer, and the only female to express a lot of interest in me. She clearly has a muscle fetish because she has groped my arms often, and with no attempt at subtly, holds my hand openly in front of everyone. She's trying really hard to get me, so... why not give her a shot? I'm a sex-obsessed pervert and I would really like to have someone to get sexy with. She's just a little bit too heavy for me to touch her anywhere near her holes. I have no idea how to politely ask her to lift some weight
  13. White, male, 5'10", 155 LBS, long brown hair, can't smile (edgelord), nice biceps and abs ♥♥

    1. Heart Container

      Heart Container

      What do you mean?

    2. stripper


      CA is taking forever ^.^


      I'm just being playful

  15. "Tempest" - Like 75% of everyone I'm part of that 75% To make up for it, Grubber was my 2nd favorite character
  16. I rewatched be prepared and it did not have the same impact on me as a 5 year old as OUYE as a 27 year old. I have my bias and this thread is about opinions anyways
  17. I quit competitive gaming, entirely. I don’t even have the motivation to make moment videos anymore. It feels like a chore. Playing competitive games is too hard. Everyone’s always trying to win. The only way to compete against that is to compete. It’s a retardedly simple idea, but I’m sure you get it. Players are only valued or respected when they’re good. From my perception, you’re only respected if you’re among the top 10% of players at local levels. At national/world levels, you have to be among the top 1%. The reward is nowhere near worth the work. The bottom 90% get NOTHING. That’s where
  18. LOL, not in the slightest. I'm not THAT sexy, just halfway to that level ^.^
  19. Of course there are some. I just have no idea what the prevalence rate is. Does anyone?
  20. Guilty Gear Xrd's characters look like they're from a real anime. Even the animations seem to run at what looks like 24 frames/second It uses Unreal Engine 3 The background doesn't look very anime though
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