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Celestia(more or less portait)


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Oh my god, that is an incredible portrait of Tia.



Is gorgeous. Me gusta.


Imma hang it up in my cathedral.



OH MY GOSH.... This is soo beautiful!! You are really talented in drawing :D and your art style is so cool ^.^



Oh my gosh that is so beautiful :o This is really, really, REALLY good!





Very cool! I love your art style!



wow I love it it's so colorful and gorgous amazing job there :D



Very well done piece of art.



This. This is beautiful. VERY well done, good use of shading.

thank you very much for the kind words!^^

i really do appreciate it :)

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Well done, mate.

Keep it up! :muffins:


thank you :)

Heh, I wish I had that kind of talent.

thanks, but i don´t think such a thing as talent exists^^


Wow thats amazing, the colors and shading are spot on! I also love the way you did her crown and necklace, 

thank you very much! :)

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Too lovely for words. A masterpiece.  :wub:


thank you very much :)

Er mi gesh. This is absolutely fabulous. Beautiful. Dazzling. Just magnificent. Well done  :yay:

now, now, slow down with the adjectives^^.

but seriously, thank you :D


Beautiful artwork and use of shading! Looks very nice!  :D


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