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Gaming Your first video game

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I don't remember, I've been playing games since I was 3, and my dad worked for Sega. Sony, Crystal Dynamics, and 3DO when he worked in the video game industry soooooooo... Maybe either something on the Playstation or Super Mario Bros. for the NES, since he kept his old one from high school.



What did he do in the company?

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It took me a while to convince my parents that video games weren't going to ruin my life. Looking back now, this was obviously a blatant lie on my part. :muffins:

Anyway, my FIRST was Sonic the Hedgehog on SEGA Genesis.

I remember how thrilled I was years later, when Sonic & Knuckles came out that you could plug a second cartridge into... "New technology is so amazing" bahaha...

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the first games I played were crash bandicoot for playstation one :)

crash team racing was one of my favorites along with tomba.

Oh my gawd, Crash Bandicoot is amazing! I love CTR and Warped (Fun fact: My dad tested Crash Bandicoot while at Sony ;) ) and what's Tomba? I might have played it, but forgot about it... ^^;

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The first games I remember were on my Sega Genesis. I had a six pack in one sega game with Sonic the hedgehog, shinobi and a couple of other games. I also don't remember what order I go them in, but I also remember sonic 3, the little mermaid and a Batman & Robin game. OH and Power Rangers. I played that all the time.

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