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What made you happy today?


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I had an awful day at my work, my production machine did not want to cooperate with me today so I ended up having to deal with much more clean than desired.

It took forever to clean up and by the time I got home I was exhausted.

But you know who was waiting for me when I got home?

My cat, and without words he just knew I needed him.

a cat sitting in my lap purring is what made me happy today.

Because sometimes when your day is hell it really is the simple gestures from friends or pets that can change hell into heaven in an instant.


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A particular seller on Etsy made my day. They make specialty things and I messaged them with a question about one of their products. I showed my appreciation to their service and when I went to checkout, I seen that they gave me 15% off of everything. O_O That was incredibly nice of them. :BrightMacContent:

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Man, I fell in love with the music in the trailer of Unicorn Overlord :pinkie:

THEY BETTER ADD SOME ‘MURICAN PONY VOICES THERE :Cozy:. Not that there are many anyway, as I can only think of Abby Trott who constantly works with that studio. Who knows? Maybe Laura Bailey, Kira Buckland, and Karen Strassman could have roles there too :huh:

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