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movies/tv Are commercial advertising teams stupid?


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So often, I see so much emphasis placed on other things beside the product itself, for whatever reason. Weinerschnitzel has a commercial with mlre time focused on a bunch of dancers in their uniform, with just "Pastrami-ami-ami" being rapped on repeat in the background, and a 5 second shot of the food at the tail end of the advert.


Burger King focuses more on sex appeal of the person eating their burgers, and not so mch time on the ingredients of the food they're trying to sell.


Wouldn't more time given to glamouring up and showing off each ingredient in tantalizing ways make the veiwer HUNGRY for what's being adertized, and more likely to get their money?


And this goes well beyond just fold adverts, but for any commercial. Why not more time focusing on the actual product?

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It's a strategy that has been working for years and decades now.


Fast Food restaurants in general, like McDonalds, Burger King, etc always use very athletic stars to promote their products, be it Michael Jordan, Heidi Klum or Usain Bolt. The viewer is fooled to believe, that if these fit stars eat their fast food products, then their health will obviously not go down the drain. The worst part about it is, that it works.


It's the perfect brainwashing tool.

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Successful advertising is more than just the product. You need to tell a story to convince people to buy it. Otherwise, your commercial will feel more like an infomercial, and infomercials are boring. Some of the best commercials focus little on the product and more on the story: Old Spice's "Momsong" and "Dadsong" are obvious examples.

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Personally I've always found the best commercials to be both entertaining and memorable, on top of being informative, which is why I still consider the original Super Smash Bros commercial one of the best commercials out there, it's both hilarious and tells you everything about the game



Hell, even if it doesn't tell you much about the product, some of them can still stick in your mind even after a long time, like so:


I think the worst commercials are the ones that keep you away from the product, they either do a terrible job at advertising and make you disinterested in them, or even by pissing people off. Need I remind you of the trainwreck that was Nationwide's Superbowl 49 commercial?

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Yeah, there’s some pretty stupid stuff out there. Granted, I don’t watch a lot of TV these days, but isn’t it time that rotten green gecko retired? He just ain’t cute anymore. And saturation ad campaigns are idiotic. Just because I see Liberty Mutual constantly plastered across every media platform known to man doesn’t mean I’m going to go throw my money at them. If anything, the opposite would hold true because I’m sick of being bombarded by them all the time.

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