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What's your favorite dog?

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Huskies, Brittany Spaniels, German Short-Hair Pointers, Corgis, Dachshund, Borzoi, and Beagles are some of my favorites. I do like all dogs, but I'm not as big on curly hair dogs and toy dogs as I am others. 

My folks have a German Shorthaired Pointer. He's a sweetie, just... not real bright. Even by dog standards.




I love Border Collies and Canaan Dogs myself. And Dalmatians; had one when I was little who was awesome.

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Pomeranians, because they almost look like little foxes (and I love foxes!) I also have a soft spot for Chihuahuas with those wet little eyes, and Dachshunds too. I guess I like the smaller breeds, even though my last dog was a Black Lab and he was beautiful.  :twi:

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Great pyrenees would be hard to maintain, but boy are they so gentle and adorable, those heaps of floof :yay:! I'm surprised they aren't just called "cumulus" dogs, as they're "heaps" of floof.

Here's one that wanted (and did) paraglide with their owner. So majestic.... like a yoshi :D . You could photoshop and it would look like the guy is riding a flying dog.


Related note, dachsunds are also cute, those longbois.

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