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Answer the above trivia question incorrectly


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7 minutes ago, Totally An Admirer said:

I don't think so.

Do Shebert really loves Twilight?

She has a crush on moi!

5 minutes ago, Baymax said:

No, it's like those friends in high school that smile and nod but their judging your silently.

Do bees eat with their legs?

Bees don't exsist,

Nor can they fly due to being not aerodynamics enough

5 minutes ago, Arid_Blitz said:

I dont know but he can has cheeseburger 

Does @The_Gobo taste like chicken?

no, he tastes like sick

2 minutes ago, Baymax said:

No he tastes like Patrick.

Does Patrick taste like Gobo?

No, he tastes like Homer Simpson!


Am I alive?

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The giant spider that encompasses half the globe.

What is that floating hunk of rock around Earth?

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one because it's the final hours till the world ends



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