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Lyra & Bon Bon or Octavia & Vinyl

Lyra & Bon Bon or Octavia & Vinyl?  

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  1. 1. Which pair is your favorite?

    • Lyra & Bon Bon
    • Octavia & Vinyl

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As someone who really admires background ponies, I love both pairs, so it's impossible to choose. But I'll say that I like Lyra & Special Agent Sweetie Drops Bon Bon better within the show, and Octavia and Vinyl in the fan works.

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Bon Bon and Lyra! I like how the staff of the show made them a couple by listening to the Bronies. Not much romantic stuff in the official show, so that also makes them special.

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18 hours ago, Orchid_Fiore said:

Octavia and Vinyl are just friends, I prefer this type of relationship, I don't see them as a romantic couple.

Same here, I see them more as roommates whereas Lyra and Bon Bon are more of an actual couple. There were lots of things in the background that hinted at that.

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