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Japanese Ponies?


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Indeed they are kinda weird tho but very interesting none the lease. I wonder how it be if japan make a anime version of my little pony..


that could be... interesting


Im not a huge anime fan, but I enjoy the occasional fullmetal alchemist or space battleship yamoto

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So there's a lot of oldpony hate here too huh? That's discouraging. I wish "bronies" would stop hating on what got them here in the first place. :(


I think they're pretty cute, but the bodies are so....lopsided. They're fine for a keychain though. Japan makes keychains like this every few years or so.


If anyone wants to know, they are Butterscotch, Sunny Daze, and Pinkie Pie. :)

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I dislike the old gen hate too :( The only really bad generation was 3, but the first part of the toyline before it went all 3.5 was pretty decent.


I like these, they look a bit awkward, but still likable :3

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