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What would your OC dress up as for Nightmare Night?


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Mine is me and I haven't quite decided what I'm going to wear this year. Last was a soldier, an inflatable dinosaur before that, Caesar, and my version of Hannibal Lector. I've had a haircut but my hairs starting to get a bit too long again, so with the beard I might for a grimey Jaime Lannister?

Maybe I'll make a temporary profile pic change if I have the time?

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Hmm, this is an interesting question. I have thought about it a bit in the past, but never in depth. Nevertheless, here are the Nightmare Night costumes for my main OCs:

Double Flame: Probably some form of pre/early-equestrian pegasus soldier. (AKA, roman soldier)

RivetWing: Mad scientist.

CometPlay: Insert popular videogame character here.

JoyFinder: Witch/Mage

StormFlower: Well, like Double Flame, she would have fun wearing old pegasus armor as a costume. Although, she does also have a batpony costume. Maybe she could be a vampony...or just a batpony I guess.

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Pencil Pouch: A dolphin

Granite Rose: The lead singer from his favorite band “Deth Pone”

(The rest of these are not on the forums so sorry for the confusion)

Global Gleam: A motorcyclist

Frame Clip: Her favorite princess (haven’t decided who it is, yet)

Turtle Dove: A tennis player

Card Shuffle: A tourist

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