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What would you name your children?

Poly Lingua

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If you were having children, what would you name them? Why?


I like these names for males:

  • Endymion - It sounds nice and it can shorten to "Ender" as in "Ender's Game"
  • Sherlock - My last name is Holmes and Sherlock Holmes is amazing
  • Lestat - It sounds cool and Lestat's a pretty cool vampire

I like these names for females:

  • Maudlyn - I really like it and it can shorten to "Maud" (which is ironic cause "maudlin")  :nom:
  • Octavia - I like music and Octavia's a cool pony
  • Marinette - It's a nice name and I like Miraculous Ladybug
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Hello, @@Poly Lingua

Just so you are aware, I have edited the title of your topic to give it more context as to what it pertains to.

Thank you!



While I don't plan on having my own children, I have always liked the name Lyon [Lee-own] for a boy and Cadance [Cay-dence] for a girl.

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  • 1 month later...

Good names have some important criteria to me:

  • should have a good meaning
  • should not be the same name as someone else living in the same house
  • the real name should be the name you intend to call them (so don't call them Timothy if you plan to call them "Tim")
  • people should be able to spell it from the sound
  • people should be able to pronounce it correctly from the word
  • should not have many common derivations that people could get confused (so not Christine, Chrystal, Christa, etc) 
  • make an attempt to stop the name from being one that can easily be picked on.

But these aren't hard and fast rules.

I'd just like to take them into account.


For instance, one male name I like "Kairos" (greek: the pivotal moment) has a really strong chance of getting abbreviated to "Kai" at some point.

Or one female name that I like: "Selah", has two common pronunciations.  


I was talking to someone about names a few years ago, and we both decided "Luna" would be a nice name, and then she punked it from me when her daughter was born!

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I've never thought too much about what I would name my kid. I've always liked the name "Keith".

The one thing I hate is when people give their kids terrible names just for the sake of being unique. Having a unique name is great, but please don't name your kid "Hashtag". That's irresponsible. Kids get bullied for stuff like that. 


(Hashtag is actually a real baby name now. I can't make this stuff up.)

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For boys:

- Adrian

- Ethan

- Charlie


For girls:

- Keira

- Claire

- Violet


I don't really have much justification for my picks. I have a bit more of a reason for the boy names, mostly because they're names difficult to mutate into a 3 letter nickname. You could probably shorten charlie, but not to 3 letters. Also, they're names I don't have any negative connotations with. 

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Well most of the names that I have thought of are puns, so I probably wouldn't actually name them that. First of all I have to say my last name is Fields. For a daughter, Rose Fields would be a nice name, but I don't know about a middle name. For a son, I don't really know. Corn is what my father wanted my middle name to be (Corn Fields) but I wouldn't name someone that. Evander Holy Fields wouldn't be bad (based on the famous boxer Evander Holyfield). I would seriously give a son the middle name Cyclone (that is my grandfather who is the sweetest person in the whole wide world, and close to death) but I feel like someone might get picked on for that.

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I have two little ones of my own already lol. I think that is all I will be having. 


Their names are:


-Liliana (Lili for short)


If one of them had been a boy I would have named them either:



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These were the names we had picked out, though I don't see myself having any more kids. Note that my second kid's name is not on this list as it was an unplanned selection due to difficult pregnancy and birth.


Girl names
















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I despise kids,so I would never have them. But,if I did,possible names would be.



Laurence- Larry

William- Bill

Zigfried- Ziggy

Vladimir- Vlad


Lancelot- Lance






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Dunno the specifics. Not going to be having a kid for a looong while.




1) Must be a normal, plain name. Normal names are the best names. My own name is deliciously whitebread, and my family name one that can be traced back to the Mayflower. Nothing old fashioned, though. A lot of you here (especially you, OP) are setting your kids up for torture. >_>


2) Something that can be shortened to a unisex nickname. Want a girl but want to try not to be too gender stereotype-y in my parenting.

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If it's a boy

> Augustus
John green is one of my favourite authors and Tfios was one of my favourite books. Also I just find the name beautiful.

> Wilfred
First heard it in Fma:B and I just loved it.it can also be nicely shortened to Wil.
Another reason is the sheer number of Dad jokes I can pull out... Fire at Will, Will power, Force of will...so many.

because Onepiece 

If it's a girl then...
I love this name! It can be shortened three ways and just has a nice ring to it.

Reasons why are kind of personal on this one.

> Lilo
I like the sound of it and I'm a big fan of old school Disney Movies. Maybe I could get a Shihtzu and name it stitch.

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I already have kids, so it's a bit of a moot point, but had my son been a girl, we would have named her Brighid, and had my daughter been a boy, he would have been Zachery.

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