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What can i do?

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Well, first things first, get an education.


Can't do anything without a degree.


Afterwords, play the games that you love.


Apply at gaming companies, they don't have to be big ones, but get experience.

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I too plan on going into game design, the first thing you got to do is know what your doing, that's what education is for, like a college that has a good game design program, then after that find a job with a company to gain money


If you want help developing your ideas, tell me about them and I can suggestions

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Actually I go to a High School that specializes in everything techy. I'm taking some 3D animation classes now and I took a 2D game and Sim class last year and we used a program called Game Maker. It's a program that you can download the free version here, it's the lite version but it has almost the same stuff as the full version. Also there are a bunch of tutorials on youtube. I can also get a PDF of a tutorial book and sprites, sounds, backgrounds, and other type thing. But I'll have to wait till I get back to school so I can get in on my external harddrive. I've made a bunch of games with this the program utilizes a simple point and click interface. All in all it is a very simple program that is a great way to get into the idea of game programing.

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You should try and learn programming, start with a language like Python or VisualBasic.Net. To begingame development, stay with 2D at the start. An RPG could be an easy option for starters.


You can get a free copy of visual studio express here.

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