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Cutest Mane 6 filly?

Mister Jack

Who was the cutest Mane 6 filly?  

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  1. 1. Who was the cutest Mane 6 filly?

    • Rarity
    • Applejack
    • Pinkie Pie
    • Rainbow Dash
    • Twilight Sparkle
    • Fluttershy

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I'm usually not a fan of the filly designs, but I would have to say that Rainbow Dash was the cutest filly of all. :wub:

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Rainbow Dash. She looks so cute as a filly, even cuter than Filly Fluttershy (it doesn't seem right). Her voice sounds so... I can't describe it, it's so cute. Not to mention, she was the first pony to perform a Sonic Rainboom.


Twilight Sparkle comes at a close second.



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