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If I were a fly on the wall in your house, what would I see and hear?


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You would hear me with my flute, playing away or My Little Pony or you would see my little brother running around or complaining that he wants to watch Spongebob, then my sister would sigh and reluctantly watch it with him.

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If you were a fly on the wall in my room, the most you'd hear would be buzzing or rain sounds from YouTube, unless I decide to watch Anime laying down, that's the only time I unplug my earbuds. Oh and my typing. [Or laughing, crying, or moaning; depends what mood I'm in.]


As for what you'd be seeing, just imagine a pink, organized room filled with Plushies, Manga, and girly things. At the door, there is a desk that is right next to my bed with my laptop on it. I'm usually either typing away on it or laying down near it, often asleep. You'd also see me often chewing plastic things and waving a hanger around, as it's a sensory item. 


You'd occasionally see bunnies come in for cuddles or other people come in to play with the plushies, which is the loudest it'll get.


You won't get swat, I dislike killing things but you might annoy me if you make too much noise or go near my screen. Then I might swoosh you away or moan. 


..Those are the discreet things you'd be seeing anyway. 

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Nothing much, probably just me listening to music and a Tv playing in the background. 

My house isnt all that crazy or interesting. 

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You would hear my mom out in the living room doing mom things, and see me in my room on my computer. If I am working on music then you would hear a mix of guitar and 8-bit noises. And the TV, can't forget that.

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You'd see me laughing at funny videos,browsing the forums,dancing to music,singing,and trying to draw.


As for out in the living room. At 9:00, you'd see me trying to fall asleep well watching "That 70's Show."


And in the morning,you'd see me put my pillows back in my room,turn off the tv,give the cats food and water,and take my pills.


And other things.

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