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Looking for Singers and musicians


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Hi there thanks for your time reading this


Some days ago I got bucked by mare inspiration and had to do this rewrite on Macross Plus’s song Voices. I really got into it and now I want to take it the full way. The problem Im not that skilled at music, the only instrument I can play consistently is a door (knocking it ) and although Im not a totally bad singer but… I cant sing like a lady so right now I hit a wall.


So what to do ask help to this kick ass community, I open this commission to any singer and musician that wants (and can) help me on this. As you will listen below, there is just piano for melody and the song has this lullaby style” consider this please.


The rewrite In a way I tries to be a lullaby like song something the mothers can sing to their foals before going to sleep, about how the world, the princesses and how this was made. Also I tried to with play some RL relation stuff as you can consider some elements relate to Lauren Faust and her wish to bring this world into a  show that have touch us all in a way.... So yeah here it is.




Original Song - Voices (Yoko Kanno) From Macross Plus OST

The first word which echoed on the world was Dream
It brought the Gods and their miracles
They all wished for the Dream to spread until
The world became blessed with it

The second word which echoed on the world was Wind
Caring the Dream on it currents
Life and light sprout from soil and the earth beneath
Making the land like an Eden

So the gods made their wish
The world was born with this
Life now was part of it

They would laugh and enjoy with passion
The Dream became reality

Children of the gods came to enrich fantasy
Playing around with the Wind’s gales
They flew over the the sky and brought million stars
Taking the Dream way beyond

Thus from It
The two sisters were born
And with them
Moon and sun raise awake
To bring day and night onto the Dream that’s how all was made

We can fly
We have wings
We can touch
Feel and breath
Come with us
To find the magic in the Dream

The third word which echoed on the word was Hope
The gods left behind their children
They entrust the Dream to the newborns siblings


For the creation to bloom




Also if you think a line can be improved tell me =D

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