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4 minutes ago, Steve Piranha said:

When hot wife tempts with more than good cooking :bedeyes:

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Thought of a new purpose for the Mayonnaise reaction...:arethosehands:

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8 hours ago, Steve Piranha said:

Hot farm lady :bedeyes:



now with abs :bedeyes:


Truthfully.... farm work or any heavy duty works that require real muscle dont usually get abs.... Since that is a sign of your muscle starving.... And when you starve yourself you wont be doing no work suger cube.... Y'all be just display.

Them curves of yours would break from the work load of a real farmer or any blue collard job.

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Applejack at the beach, I like her swimsuit




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Hardest worker on the farm! Yessir! :mlp_yeehaa:



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