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Show us your voice!


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Since there are so many "Post xy about yourself" threads, I though, "let's make one for people's voices"!

And I'm going to start off by not showing it off because of my paranoia until I'll have graduated from high school! (what a great way to start a discussion)

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Ahh man, why the hell did I have to find this at 11:00 at night? I wanted to get all cocky and start showing off my voice like a douche. Meh, I'll do it tomorrow when my sister (hopefully) goes out somewhere so I don't get all embarrased and everything.


That's beautiful man. How about you and I do a duet on this day aria? You're voice is perfect.

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Oh my, did I hear an Evil Dead reference?

Unintentionally,I guess.I have not watched the Evil Dead yet unfortunately,so I can't make that many references to it.


Only reference I know I made was to Zapp Brannigan from Futurama with that last line.

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My voice looks approximately like this:

I don't get it


Finally got a chance to do a (short) recording of my voice. http://vocaroo.com/i/s1Zki4NfREYo

I never would've believed it was you had it not been for that last part





3rd edit in a row.


Here it is.

I warn you, I was a little too close to the mic while recording this:


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