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What do you love the most about My Little Pony Friendship is Magic?

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  1. 1. What are your favorite components of the show?

    • Plot
    • Songs
    • Animation
    • Setting and the depth of the world
    • The characters
    • Themes and morrals

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I would say my favorite thing about MLP would be the characters, with animation as a close second.


Rarity is my favorite character...a girly, fashion-obsessed character. So, congrats to the writers for getting me to have someone like Rarity as my favorite character. 


Rarity actually has a personality, Rainbow Dash is awesome, Pinkie Pie is hyper and fun to see what she will do next, Twilight Sparkle is an intelligent and relatable character, Fluttershy is adorable but can be assertive, and Applejack is kind and always willing to help anypony.


These characters are amazing and get character development quite a lot; so, the characters are my favorite part.

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Definetly,the plot.I wouldn't loved this show if it wasn't for the plot :D


The character,now seriously :3

Each character has a gread development,thing that I love on every good show.

And more,they look gorgerous!!Each one of them!!! :D


But more Applejack,remember :wub:

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I guess I have to paste my post here:


The characters (Derpy, Discord... <3), the animation (some places like the Rainbow Falls are wonderful), the songs (Bats!, Super speedy..., The Perfect Stallion), and the plots.


Unlike some fans here my favorite character (Derpy) isn't the main reason I watch the show. They're all great.

I voted for everything except the morals and the setting, which are good too. ;)

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