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The wonderful fuzzy feeling that you feel in the pit of your stomach.


You may deny it, but everyone wants to feel the power of love.


Everyone wants to feel loved, to feel accepted.


Some thrive for it, other die for it.


But in the end, love is a dark, depressing thing.


It kills the weak, and weakens the strong.


It causes your heart to do things you would of never thought possible.


It turns happy children into depressed adults.


But love is also amazing as well.


It turns the weak into strong, and the strong into lovers.


It causes passion, and you thrive for the well being of others.


The difference between friendly love and romantic love goes together on a fine line.


Friendly love is where a friend say's they love you, and try to help you out of hard times.


Romantic love is the greatest feeling anyone can feel.


You begin to live for the person, and you do anything for them.


You believe that there is nothing that can separate you.


And then, when you least expect it, it is torn away from you.


You feel as if there is nothing left in the world, no excuse to live.


I am here to tell you there is a way out.


Continue to live your life.


They saying "there is someone for everyone" is false.


To find someone that is for you, you must work for it.


It will not just fall on your lap.


No matter how sad you become, keep fighting for your right to love.


The person out there is somewhere, just waiting for you.


Never give up my friends.


The hear is feeble and weak.


It is up to you to decide how much it can take.


My heart may of been torn to pieces, but I choose to continue fighting.


I may have been destroyed in the deceptive game of love more times than I am alive,


But I choose to continue fighting.


No matter how much your heart is smashed into the ground,


no matter how bad you may feel.


There is always more to live for.


You will eventually find that tiny shred of love that will complete your life.


I have finally found my piece.


I will continue to love her, and maybe, just maybe…


I will find my true love.


I will become happy.


I will become the person I was meant to be.


The person that will make someone else's life the happiest they can be.


My goal is very simple, to make her happy.


So her heart will never destroyed like mine.


Alex, I love you with all of my heart.


If you choose to hurt me one day, I will take it without holding a grudge.


I will continue to love you until I die.


In that twisted, evil game of love.

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...Holy coinkey-dink.

It seems every time I'm on the verge of killing myself over being a pitiful loveless waste of life; I read something, watch something, hear something, or even taste something that inspires me to keep going. It could just be my own brain, weakened under almost-depression, implying deeper meanings to everything; but sometimes I do not think that is the case.


It may not happen for a long time, or maybe in my own lifetime, but there will be someone who loves me.





Great writing, totally worth the read. Which really means something more coming from me, because I hate reading; AND I've been reading all day...So having me read something, and liking it...Awesome.

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Wait, The Game?


just lost it.


If only I could find love :(


Being in love sounds nasty. Living FOR them, doing things for them. I think I'd feel like a slave to them.

well, I guess that makes me forever alone.

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