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What are you most excited for?


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Going to high school


Summer vacation


The hunger Games movie


Finally getting a churro


Hopefully getting my new Ipod touch 4th Generation




Scary Movie 5


Three stooges movie


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The reason I am not being excited over Halo 4 is because the series has set a specific standard for itself to be measured at. And if I excite myself over it, chances are I will be disappointed like Star Wars Episode 1, or Duke Nukem Forever. While I don't want to have high expectations of it, I hope it will stay good to the series.


Having played every Halo game, I personally don't need a Halo 4, they were allowed to continue the franchise though, but my biggest concern is they are trying to tell more of the Master Chiefs Story. And I feel Master Chiefs story arch has been told. I would love to hear about some other struggles. What happened to other characters during the events of Human-Covenant war. It's what I liked about Halo ODST and Halo Reach and feel it is something they should and could expand on in games too.


To make it short, I don't want to get my hopes up because I didn't ask for this.

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More immediate things? I'm looking forward to Sunday. After some trouble and prodding, I finally get to meet my boyfriend again! Fourth time. We're gonna make up for missing Valentine's Day. It's going to be fantastic and awesome and I just can't wait to actually get to feel him in real life.


Less immediate, looking forward to college... moving out... getting a job... and becoming just in general a better person. Also getting to move closer to my boyfriend so that we can be around each other for more than just a few hours on one day once a month.

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