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I decided to just make a separate place from my art work thread for just art of my alicorn OC, Sky Rise c:


I'll post her more detailed information here once I get it more finalized and stuff. This character was originally just create to draw around, but then I decided to just make her an official OC of mine. She is my most beloved and adored character <3


Well, here is one of the pictures I posted in the last thread, but its one of my favorites that ive drawn. I'll post a few different ones soon! -




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ohmy.png By Starswirl's Beard, that's a gorgeous OC!!!  No no, 'gorgeous' doesn't do that drawing justice, just... wow, I don't know what else to say other than that is simply one of the most beautiful OCs I've ever seen!  I'm not even usually a fan of alicorn OCs!!!  Not that I hate them or anything, it's just, it's really rare to see one that really stands out!  But Sky Rise?  Wow, you've got something really special here Sky Rise!  You are truly a gifted artist, and I can't wait to see more artwork from you of your gorgeous OC!  Have fun drawing and developing her more and more, and thank you so much for sharing her with us Sky Rise!!! derpy_emoticon1.png

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Ah i'm really glad you like her! Thank you for such a wonderful comment about Sky Rise, its so nice to see people like her even though she is an alicorn c:

Vent drawing while doing school work! Sky Rise is so much fun to vent with! She is not normally an angry pony, but when she is mad...she is definitely mad xD



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Aw why thank you everyone! You all are too kind! <3



Tell me your program woman


and like the others said, this is so AMAZING! Your OC is amazing! biggrin.png

She is so pretty.

No words can describe her.

Amazing smile.png

I use Paint Tool Sai, I love that program so much! And thank you, im really glad you all like Sky Rise and the art! c:




Well, here's an older favorite of mine c:

A lot of my older art have a lot of differences in style, but I think now I really have defined a true style for myself ~



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